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Oct. 21st, 2006 | 01:19 am
location: 1 Week After the Date of the attack...
mood: They can all just BITE ME!! They can all just BITE ME!!
music: Lita Ford - Close My Eyes Forever

I love Brendon Urie. Panic! At the Disco rocks my freakin' socks. Anywho, yeah, I'm really sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been really really truly helluva busy. In case you didn't know, I got Chapter 5 up of my fanfic and yeah. (Jack: Yeah, you REALLY need to get working on that fanfic of yours.) Well, yeah, Jack, I knew that, it's a 'Sweet Child O' Mine' ^_^. Oh, yeah, and by the way, Ryan Ross is hot, and so's Spencer Smith. ^_^, so I don't leave anybody out. And will somebody please tell me that Esteban is either pronounced 'eh-stah-bon' or 'eh-sta-ban', please? I got bitched out about the pronounciation a couple days back, and I really don't know. Zeik can't help me cuz he's never heard of the word, Zed can't help me because Zed's... ZED and Jack can't help me, because the real reason he wanted Hanpan to read Cecilia's letter was because he can't read himself! I'm in a real conundrum right now.-_-. Anywho, yeah, I'll be working on Chapter 6 of my fanfic for the rest of the night (As Keplik would say, it depends on how many El Trains pass by tonight, or in this case, people talking to me on MSN). *sweatdrops* (Zeik: They overplayed that Katie Couric thing and they're still overplaying her. Guh. Everytime I look at the TV screen, KATIE KATIE KATIE!!!) In your ass opinion, Zeik. But I'll agree with you. But she is better than Sarah Jessica Parker, ya know, cuz SJP looks like a foot! Hahaha. Eherm, anywho, yeah, the people running for Minnesota senate, congress and governor can all go jump in the lake cuz I'm just freakin' sick of hearing 'AMY KLOBUCHAR HANDS OUT PLEA BARGAINS' and 'I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE' and 'DO WE REALLY WANNA SEND SOMEONE LIKE THIS?!' and 'PREMIUMS WERE RAISED 43% BECAUSE OF MIKE HATCH... 43%!'. They can go jump in the lake, stand in the water and get taxed. I hate governMENTAL campaigns, but the worst is yet to come, when the presidential elections start again. GUH. Anywho, this has been Dani Havok's final thought. I bid you good day. (Jack: But, Dani!) I said good day.

Wild ARMs: Rehabitated and Rehabilitated

by Black Fenril


Disclaimer: Media Vision owns Wild ARMs (the lucky people) I do not own Wild ARMs in any specific way, shape or form... except of course, a copy of the first game and Tara was an original character. So nyah! Oh, and an update on that Zed shirt thingy... I still need to do some seaming on that... eheh...


Chapter 5:

The Fall of King Adlehyde


Before I had left off...

Cassie and Eric had searched the entire town before they found the little blonde kid. He was south of Mayor Cuthbert's house, north of the Magic Guild.

"There you are!" Cassie was relieved. "Little boy, your mom's looking all over for you. Did you know that?"

"Cassie, calm down!" Eric demanded at the blue haired gunslinger. "Now, come with Uncle Eric and Auntie Cassie, all right? We'll take you to your mother..." Eric told him while extending his left hand (his right was occupied by Cassie's).

Billy hesitated for a second, then reached his hand out to Eric's. As his hand opened to clasp onto Eric's hand, he let go of his balloon.

"Oh! My balloon!" Billy exclaimed.

As the balloon floats up into the cloudless blue sky, all the people, including them, look after it.

A storm quickly spreads over the city. The laughter and murmur cease. The people of Adlehyde (and also the other Festival - goers) watch helplessly as the lightning strikes. The sky is cracking. A wall of fire rushes across the horizon. The beginning of the end is here...Meteors pelt the city. When the smoke clears, everybody, including Billy, around Cassie and Eric was dead.


"Billy! Are you all right?" Cassie asked while looking down at said 8 year old. A badly singed, obviously dead Billy lie on the ground, and Cassie quickly covered her mouth. "Oh, my Guardians... Eric, please don't be dead..."

"I'm not dead!" the blonde swordsman, retorted while coming into the sight of the now very much relieved ARMslinger. "We have to look for survivors... well, if there are any..."

Then, the meteors turn into monsters. And think, the meteors had pelted the entire city. They are now roaming the city, wreaking havoc!

"Damn it! We just can't win..." Eric exasperated while tightening his grip on Cassie's hand.

They dodged every monster they could. They found survivors in: the cemetary, by the statue of Zeldukes, in the hospital, the house southeast of the entrance of Adlehyde Castle, in the forest, in the pub, upstairs in the inn, northeast of Alan's house, in the chapel and... the house south of Mayor Cuthbert's house.

Then Cassie spied Julian surrounded by monsters...


"I CAN TAKE YOU!!! COME ON!!!" Julian yelled at a nearby skeleton. Then the skeleton flung its axe at him. It barely missed him. "AH!"

Julian whipped out his staff and the Spiritual Psychedelics were again summoned and crashed into all four of his opposers. They were killed on contact.

"JULIAN!!!" Cassie shouted.

"R-Rudy?" the brunette Crest Sorceror turned around.

"I will tell you later! Come on, Eric... we might as well go inside. Julian kicked these monsters' butts to the imaginary day of February 33rd!"

"Hey, thanks for the break, kid," Eric said while patting Julian on the back.

"Yeah. Thanks to you two, we were able to save most of the survivors..." Julian thanked both of them.

"'Most of the survivors'? You mean there are more?" Eric asked Julian while turning back toward the burning city to go rescue the rest of the survivors.

"No! There were 10 survivors. I saw it in a vision... you have saved all ten."

"Okay," Eric was relieved. "Thank the Guardians..."

"Let's go in, everybody! The castle will hold up until we can do something..." Julian informed the ten people standing behind Eric and Cassie.

Then they made their way up to the castle...


And ugly green... thing holding a ball-and-chain comes up to two monsters.

"Ha ha! Humans... they did nothing to hold us off!! Har! Yes..."

"Master Belselk! They are hiding in the castle!" the monster to the left of him informed him.


A monster comes up to him, fresh from checking out the festival grounds.

"Well? Are they here?" Belselk asked the Lizardman.

"Yes, Master Belselk. They are all junk," the monster said in unison.

"All junk? Good! We don't want to fight these things... Tell the humans going into the castle to surrender the Tear Drop or we will invade the castle and slaughter everyone in sight until we find it!" Belselk commanded.

"Yes, Master Belselk..."


"Prince Julian! The king has been injured! Oh, what are we to do?" the knight standing in front of the entrance to the throne room informed him.

"Prince Julian? You're a prince?" Eric asked him, both in shock and disbelief.

"Yes, let me explain later. Father... my Guardians... what stupid thing did you do this time?" Julian whispered.

"My real name is Cassie Roughnight, Julian. And Eric, if we don't support him in times like this, who will?"

"Right! Let's go to your father..."


7 minutes later, in the king's quarters...

"The king is being treated in here. Please go talk to him before he..." the knight standing guard to the king's quarters trailed off.

Julian, Cassie and Eric run to the king's bed. Julian kneels down and takes his father's free hand. He looked up to see that the king's other one was hooked up to an IV tube.

"Julian... monsters have attacked Adlehyde... They are after you! You must defeat them!" the king exclaimed.

A knight runs to his bed with the latest news.

"Prince Julian! King Adlehyde... The demons demand that you are to surrender the Tear Drop or they will storm Adlehyde Castle!"

Julian turned toward the knight. "The Tear Drop was my mother's. She gave it to me right before she died. I hold it very close to my heart... but I will give it up for the sake of the people and my castle... The demons can have my Tear Drop."

"No!" the king yelled weakly. "I will not permit it! Julian, the Tear Drop, in the wrong hands could destroy Filgaia! And plus, it is the only link to the Guardians we have!"

"But if I don't do anything, a lot of innocent people will die because of me!"

"Listen, Julian! Stay in your room, no matter what happens! Do you understand?"

"Of course I do! I'm not the stupid, mentally retarded kid you think I am!" Julian yelled back in his injured father, offended and hurt.

Julian, Cassie and Eric were escorted by three knights to his room. While they did this, Julian held the Tear Drop in his hand tightly, the Tear Drop pulsating in rhythm to his heart, roughly and fast.

"DAMN IT! I suppose I should tell you now my history since you now know the secret I have been keeping from you..." Julian said while kicking his bed multiple times.

"It's all right, Julian... It's all right... just please... don't do anymore violent things.." Cassie told him.

"I'm sorry, Cassie. I'm just so pissed off at my father. He's done so many damned dumb things in his life," he said, then sighed before continuing. "When I was 7 years old, my mother was taken abed by pneumonia. The doctors tried everything they could to save her... but nothing would work. Then one July night, as I was watching her sleep, holding her hands in mine, she stopped breathing. and the machine that was monitoring sounded a long, high pitched beep... I tried to call the doctor in and he came, but he said that she was- well... it was too late. She died in the best way she could, in her sleep. Father sent me away to the Curan Abbey the next day. He sent me away when I needed him most! That made me furious! So I let out my rage in the challenges I face. But not one time have I been relieved! Not one single freakin' time!"

He was Cassie's arms right now, embracing her tightly. He was crying, she was crying. Eric was even stifling a cry.

"Your father... so this is why you hate him so much. I couldn't have..." Cassie was at a loss for words, so she just hugged Julian tighter.

"Well, enough about him. We have to go give the demons the Tear Drop. He cares more for this damned thing than he does the lives of the people," Julian said before sighing. "Let's go."


10 minutes later, after evading countless knights, Julian saw the border of the kitchen. Boy, was he relieved.

"CHEF ALEKSANDER!!!" Julian called/yelled.

"Yes, Prince Julian?" the chef asked the prince nervously.

"Is that path that leads from here to Adlehyde still there?"

"Affirmative, Prince Julian. But you do realize that there is a curfew here in Adlehyde. Do you still want to go?"

"I don't have a choice. Adlehyde Castle and the people of Adlehyde are too important to have a choice whether to or not," Julian explained.

"All right. Follow me."

"'Kay," Julian agreed.

Chef Aleksander leads them to a part of the floor just south of the flavoring station he was working at. Then he stops them. Chef Aleksander goes to a barrel.

"There are powerful monsters down there..." he warned them.

"Don't worry, Chef Aleksander," Cassie assured him. "If we can defeat a Magtourtous/Fabio, we can definitely conquer this."

"Right!" Julian agreed proudly. "Let's do this thing."

Chef Aleksander nodded and pushed the barrel south. They all fall down. And then, CASSIE GETS ANOTHER CRAMP.

"Oh, crap!" the disgruntled ARMslinger exasperated as she fell to her knees. I hate it when this happens! Guardians, why is this happening?"Cassie!!" Julian yelled while dropping to his knees at her side. "What's wrong?"


"Another cramp... I'll be all right, Julian. Don't worry about me..." Cassie reassured him.

"I've spent the last two days worrying about you, Cassie. Don't make me stop now!" Julian exclaimed.

"Okay... er... you've done it before, right, Julian? Would you please carry me again?" Cassie asked him.

"Of course," Julian accepted, while standing on his feet again, bending down to pick her up again. "You don't weigh a lot, so yeah."

"Uh, thanks... I think..." Cassie thanked him... I think.

"Hey, something I didn't notice before. A magic encampment. Heh... imagine that..." Eric trailed off.


15 minutes later...

"Another magic encampment? Geez..." Eric trailed off again.

"Well, maybe we should heal up because the monsters are probably still out there. So yeah..." Julian suggested.

They healed themselves to maximum HP. They were all at either level 9 or 10.

"Okay, I think I'm good now," Cassie told Julian. "Would you put me down now, please?"

Julian puts her down with no complaint. "If you feel queasy again, let me know..."

Cassie hugged Julian. "Thanks, Julian. I don't know what I would do without you..."

"Well, okay... wait. Did that knight say 'demon'?" Julian asked Eric.

"Er, yes. But what's that have to do with anything?"
Eric inquired.

"Demons... that damned Yggdrasil! They used it again..."

Just then, a seemingly 25 year old woman with pink hair, a black cape and green dress holding a Maddened sword (a sword made of living metal) drop teleported in front of them.

"Hello, humans. I am Lady Scarlett, of the Quintuple knights!"

"You're not... TARA!" Eric goes to hug her, but she held her sword out in front of her, unabling him to come near her.

"Don't come near me, human! Or I will gut you with my sword!" Lady Scarlett threatened Eric.

"Tara... don't you remember me? I'm Eric, your boyfriend!" Eric asked her.

"ZED is my boyfriend. I don't have any relations with humans anyway... except Ryan and father..."This... Zed. What color is his hair?" Eric asked her.


"Green! You don't deserve to die by my hands! Belselk will take care of you.."

Then she reverse drop teleported out of there.

"TARA!" Eric yelled, running to the spot she was just at a couple seconds ago. Then he dropped to his knees. "Zed... when I see him, I'll kill him! One shot's all I'll need!"

"Cassie, calm him down... please," Julian said while motioning toward him.

"Eric... please..." she said while Eric's hand were almost pulling his blonde hair out of his head. She took his hands in hers and put them at his side. "This is infuriating you, I know... but you have to calm down.

"But- But..." Eric stammered.

"No damned buts! Do as she says!" Julian screamed.

"All right, all right... jeez..." Eric calmed waaaaay down.

"Hows about we get out of here? Belselk is waiting..." Julian suggested.

So they go down the stairs to the east of them.

"Gah. More boxes... Cassie go acquire what's in that chest," Eric demanded.

Eric cleared the path while Cassie acquired a Heal Berry. They walked to the exit of the town and talked to a monster.

"Um... excuse me... where is your master?" Julian asked the Lizardman. "We're here to give him the Tear Drop..."

"Master Belselk is just north of here..." the depressed monster replied.

"Hey, are you all right?" Cassie asked him while throwing a hand to his shoulder.

"Yes, I'm fine. Go deliver the Tear Drop," the now even more depressed monster said while shaking off her hand. "Actually, you know what? Just slay me. Put me out of my misery."

"I knew there was something wrong!" Cassie said as Eric put his right hand on the hilt of his sword. "Don't, Eric! Lizardman, go hide in the inn. We'll pick you up from there. Stay in the closet..."

The monster did as it was told. Then, the three warriors went north to give Belselk the Tear Drop.

"Are you here to fork over the Tear Drop?" Belselk asked them.

"It all depends... are you insuring the lives of the people?" Julian asked the green Night Crawler.

"I'm a busy guy. I wouldn't have time to destroy you humans... now would I? Give the Tear Drop here."

HANDED OVER TEAR DROP {Insert Tear Drop pic here}

"Ha! Perfect. Go through the gates when they open!" Belselk commanded to his monster cronies as he turned around to attack the castle.

Realizing the situation, Eric yelled, "HOLD ON, YOU HORRID CREATURE! I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!"

"What is a puny little human gonna do to me?" Belselk asked Eric while turning around again. "Especially one with a bad haircut like the one you got?"

"Well, at least I have hair! I'm infuriated with you demons! First, you took Elmina, then you took Tara! You probably turned both into demons!" Eric said growling, placing his hand on the hilt of his Chrome Blade again.
"I already met Lady Scarlett, who didn't even remember who I was!" Eric drew his sword. "I'll kill that Zed! But first, I'll start with you..."

"No, Eric! You're crazy to take him on by yourself!" Cassie cried.

And so, the battle begins. No DAs this time because this is a Quarter Knight battle ^_^.

"You humans are so delicate. We have to be so careful with you humans... You don't make very good toys..." Belselk said bitterly.

"Shut up!" Eric yelled. Then he sheathed and unsheathed his sword and PSYCHO CRACKed! He did about 600 infuriating HP damage to Belselk.

"Eric! Calm down! You're gonna kill yourself before you get a chance to kill him! Whatever..." Julian whipped out his staff again, the purplish black aura surrounding him, and yelled out "VALKYRIE!" The Spiritual Psychedelics did about 900 HP damage.

"I think you both should calm down. Who is this 'Elmina' anyway?" Cassie asked the blonde swordsman calmly.

"Don't ask him that, Cassie! You'll just infuriate him even more!" Hanpan chided at the blue haired girl.

"Sorry... ARM Lock On..." Cassie whispered. "HAND CANNON!" she shot her little revolver, the ARM bullet ripping through Belselk's tarnished clothes, doing him about 700 HP damage.

"GRAGGH! DISRUPTING FLAIL!" Belselk yelled as he flung his ball-and-chain at Julian's head. Julian evaded it easily.

"Damn! Have you no humanity?" Julian asked the Night Crawler.

"I'm no damn human!" Belselk replied bitterly.

"Aw, shut up!" Eric yelled, infuriated. "Accelerator..." About 30 technicolor lights sprang out from his body. This Force move made him go ahead in the attack and make him go faster than anybody in the battle.

Since Cassie wasn't very fast, she just looked at him in awe...


he did about 650 HP damage. "Go to Hades, you NIGHT CRAWLER DEMON THINGIE!!"

"Eric... please..." Cassie pleaded.

"Listen to her, damn it! My father never listens to me and look where the Hades he ended up," Julian sid, harboring revenge. Damn it, Father! Why'd you have to go and mouth off to that monster? "THIS IS FOR MY FATHER!!! VALKYRIE!!!"

His Spiritual Psychedelics did about 2,700 to Belselk, causing him to pause and become completely immobile (cuz that's what Wild ARMs does to the monster/demon you are fighting after you defeat it).

"Ugh... I feel like I'm being assaulted by a gnat. Come back when you're more of a challenge, kid."

"Damn it! Don't chicken out on us! Fight until the death, you coward!" Eric yelled at the ugly green... thing.

"I'm the coward? Apparently you forgot what Elmina told you. Plus, peace will overcome any sword, to put it in the words of King Adlehyde. Oop... sorry, kid..." then he disappeared.

"You don't tell me what Elmina told me... I'm gonna kill, Belselk, no matter what it takes..." Eric trailed off.

Somewhere, Elmina is saying, "Oh, my Guardians... he's repeating himself..."

"Eric, calm down," Hanpan told him. "Let's get back to Adlehyde Castle. The monsters seemed to have left with Belselk."

"Wait! What about the monster in the inn?"

30 seconds later...

"There you are! You listened to us... thank you. You should go to the Temple of Memory and live there. Either that, or Lolithia's Tomb. What do you think?" Cassie asked the now relieved Lizardman.

"Okay... sounds good. I think I'll go for the Temple of Memory..." the Lizardman replied.

"Great! Just stay out of human sight. I don't think you'll get slain there, but you never know..." Eric informed, trailing off.

"Eric! Anyways... have a good life, Lizardman. Hopefully, we'll see you again," Julian bidded adieu.

"Yeah, bye," the Lizardman said as he walked out of the inn.


7 minutes later, Eric Julian and Cassie are back in the king's quarters.

"All right, Father! We snuck out... and now the demons have the Tear Drop," Julian informed the now scared looking king.

"It's done. Now the things that I had feared for so long are going to happen. Filgaia will be..." King Adlehyde trailed off.

"Don't talk, Father. Save your strength for the argument we will have later. Plus, don't worry about it! It's my duty as a prince to reclaim the Tear Drop anyway!"

"But prince...!" Minister Johan started.

"I have made my decision. I have trusty friends that will help me," Julian told MJ while turning to face Cassie. "You will help me... won't you?"

"Of course we will, Julian! It's times like this when you need help the most! And I'm sure Eric's with me as well."

"I'm kind of mad at him for lying, but like you said, if we don't support him, nobody will," Eric said.

"Thank you guys. I don't know what I'd do without you," Julian thanked them.

The Water Rune begins to glow.

"Hey! Don't forget about me! I've supported him, too!" Stoldark exclaimed.

"With smartass remarks and not so nice comments. But you do raise my sorcery and Magic Resistance... so I might as well not complain."

"Ha! That's right!"

"OHHHH! Argh..." the king groaned.

"Eric... may I please use your sword?" Julian asked the blonde swordsman.

"What do you want to use my sword for?" Eric asked the prince.

"Please, Eric. The sword!" Julian demanded.

"All right, all right. I'll let you use my sword," Eric agreed while handing Julian the Chrome Blade. Julian took it, and was almost brought down by the weight of it, which made Eric grin arrogantly and Cassie giggle a bit.

"Whoa. I'm not used to this kind of weight. Since I use my Magical Rod all the time... This sword must weigh about-"

"7 pounds. It's heavy, with the weight of its destiny. It's not for you, give it back! Julian, you can't support it on your own!"

"Then I will do something that I have intended to do for years," Julian informed while gathering all his hair from his shoulders down in his left hand, then he took the sword and sliced it through his hair. Everyone jumped in shock.

Julian let his now severed drop to the floor, and you could finally see his back. His hair now hung with split ends down to his shoulders. At least, he looked a little bit less feminine. (smiles widely)

Julian walked back to Eric and gave him back the Chrome Blade. "Your sword has severed my past. I thank you for this."

"Be strong, Julian. Reclaim the Tear Drop. Protect what is yours. There has been soemthing that I've been wanting to tell you for 10 years, Julian, but I never got chance to. I-" then King Adlehyde stopped short. His head tilted to the side. His eyes closed. He stopped breathing.

The knight standing by his bed checked his pulse. He felt... nothing. He turned back to the prince and shook his head. Cassie and Eric ran to his bed. Julian stood there, unable to move.

"There's no use sitting here, feeling sad. We must honor the lives of the men who fought so hard and our beloved king..." Minister Johan said, walking out of the room, holding back tears.


3 hours later... the eastern wing of Adlehyde Castle...

They gather here today... three seperate agendas, one common goal. The stage is set for the fall of Filgaia. The story starts here...The music: people humming a sad tune. I'd also like to download this midi... but...



We move southwest to about 20-30 knights either holding a flag or a spear. Julian stands in all black, apparently waiting for the king's coffin to come out of the castle. When it finally does, the 6 people holding it sets it down, backs away, and lets 6 knights go beside the coffin, salute it, then pick it up. With Julian leading, they all walk out of Adlehyde Castle.

In Adlehyde... when the kings's coffin gets past a certain point, more coffins of townspeople killed during the attack follow it. All the survivors that Eric, Julian and Cassie rescued and some more civilians who had hid during the invasion were mourning. Old ladies were crying. Cassie and Eric were standing under a tree, hugging and crying. When they saw Julian pass, he looked at them with tears in his eyes. He wanted to go over there and hug them both, but he had something to do. When the king's coffin passed the item shop, 4 kids ran past, crying. A 10 year old girl was following them, holding a red ball. Just north of the item shop, she dropped the ball and it rolled toward Cassie. It stopped at her feet. She pick it up and held it out toward the girl. The girl took it.

"Thank you," the girl thanked her.

Cassie nodded.

"What's gonna happen now?" Eric asked her.

"I don't know. We're going to go after the Tear Drop, and it's probably going to lead us all over Filgaia...?" Cassie replied.

"Heh... yay... this is gonna be really fun!" Eric exclaimed sarcastically.

"How can you be sarcastic at a time like this?" Cassie laughed.

"That's a good question. How can you be laughing at a time like this?"

"Seriously, Eric, you gotta stop being so sarcastic," Cassie laughed again.

"My lady, Cassandra, you haven't seen anything yet," Eric informed while taking her in his arms.

That's what my grandfather used to tease me by. Calling me 'My lady, Cassandra'... My grandfather... Zepet..."What's wrong, Cassie? You're frowning..." Eric asked her.


"Nothing's wrong, Eric. I was just thinking of something..." Cassie told him.

"Okay, I'm just worried about you..."

"Thank you, Eric. I'm glad to be travelling with two men who care about me."

"You're welcome. Julian worries about you a lot. That's why he drops down to his knees everytime you get those horrible cramps."

"He really likes me, huh? Well, I'd better show him I care for him back," Cassie informed.

"Yeah..." Eric said. He gazed into her eyes. Their faces were moving closer. Their lips were an inch apart. Then Eric had to ruin it all by realizing what he was doing! "I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing..."

"It's all right, Eric... I was a bit out of it also..."

They still had their hands on each other's hips. Their faces moved closer, and this time, they kissed. Just a modest kiss. Nothing bold. Nothing passionate. They stood there for a long time. Then Eric had to ruin it all AGAIN by pulling himself back into reality.

"Did we- did I just kiss you? I'm sorry, Cassie, it's never gonna happen again... Never..." But you want it to happen, don't you? Yes you do. She's 15, you loser! Even tho'... I want her... I want her so bad... She's just so beautiful...Cassie hugged him. "I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have let that happen, either..."


The king's coffin was in front of the entrance to the chapel. 3 nuns were blocking the doorway. Each went into it, the coffins following them.


Dani: And so ends another chapter! Yep, all that was just the beginning! Hee hee...

Rudy: You just have to do that, don't you?

Dani: Yes, I do, Rudy.

Jack: Okay, I'm gonna remain speechless. You thought of this before you started reading yaoi, right?

Dani: Yes, I did. But now I think yaoi is wrong because of my... um... the guy who inspired me to name Jack's character 'Eric'.

Cecilia: Eheh. Right. That was soooo serious.

Dani: Just hush up, Cecilia. ONTO CHAPTER 6!!! YIPPEE!!!

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