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Nov. 23rd, 2006 | 08:09 pm
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Wild ARMs: Rehabitated and Rehabilitated

by Black Fenril


Disclaimer: MediaVision owns Wild ARMs. I happen to own Tara Yurik and a shirt that I made myself that has Zed on it. Oh and a copy of the first game. ROCK ON!!!


Chapter 6: The Very Interesting Journey Through Mountain Pass-Baskar Village



We see Cassie and Eric walking through Adlehyde Castle, not holding hands this time. Eric glances around, his hands in his pockets (as usual), and sees no signs of life.

"Er... where are all the knights?" the blonde swordsman asked his blue haired companion.

"Well... it is morning. There is a possibility that they could be eating breakfast," Cassie replied sarcastically.

A knight suddenly came strolling past them, ignoring them. Eric stops him by thrusting out his arm.

"Ouch! What?" the knight asked.

"Where's the prince?" Eric asked him.

"Er... in his room."

Eric took hold of Cassie's hand and ran her toward Julian's room. When they got there, 30 seconds later, Julian was still asleep. Cassie ran to his bed, and she kneeled down.

"Mmm... Cassie... you look so nice in that Pret- A - Porte..." Julian muttered in his sleep.

"Hey Julian..." Cassie greeted with a smirk on her face before shaking him awake. "Wake u-u-up..."

Julian's eyes opened. "Now that is a nice alarm clock... Good morning, Cassie. Is it July 15th yet?"

"Yes!" she replied brightly. "It's time to venture out into the unknown and reclaim the Tear Drop!"

"Oh! Okay. That's good..." Julian said this next bit more quietly. "Now... er... are we alone?"

"Er, no. Eric's standing in the doorway," was her reply.

"Dang it. Oh, well. I need to get ready anyways, why don't you and Eric go eat breakfast now cuz I need a shower anyways," he said before throwing his covers off of himself and getting off the bed. He hugged Cassie before going into the bathroom.

Cassie walked back to the doorway, smiling brightly at him while saying, "I suppose we're supposed to go to breakfast now."

Eric nodded, then took her hand to lead her to the dining room (I don't know where it's located).

Cassie blushed a bit, turning a pale crimson, smiling a little brighter as they made their way into the dining room. She smelled the sweet aroma of homemade buttermilk biscuits and a savory blend of sausage gravy.

"Looks like it's biscuits and gravy for breakfast this morning," Mr. Pointsouttheobviousalot pointed out. XD

"Er, not to offend you, but that was a little obvious, not that, of course, I didn't know already. But... of course... I'll just stop rambling because I believe I am right now."

Eric smiled at her a bit, then took a look around the kitchen. It was just as elegant as any other chamber in Adlehyde Castle, if not even more so. The wallpaper consisted of blue and pink hearts and bouquets of lilacs bound by a sky blue ribbon. In other words, I don't think a male picked that out. The walls were white, adorned with said wallpaper. The dinner table was polished, dark brown oak, polished so well, you could see your reflection in it. The chairs were Victorian, with dark crimson cushions, to blend with the dark brown the chairs were. Also on the walls were paintings illustrated by famous painters such as Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe and Leonardo Da Vinci. There was also a sculpture of King Adlehyde, made out of... soap? No, that's not right. Erm, porcelain. There we go. The same material that's used to make toilets. Yep. But, anyway, yeah, it was a looker, and you would probably be willing to pay money to see the scenery, but our friends at Adlehyde Castle are much too generous. {Rolling eyes icon inserted here}

"Wow..." the Rudy alternate whispered, gaping at the beauty that's known as the royal dining room.

"Yeah... it sure is pretty..." Eric uttered out after her remark.

A cook came up to them, and said, "Hey, I hear there's an unopened chest in the left entrance out of the kitchen. The item's supposed to nullify poison or something like that."

Eric smiled at him, then nodded to his companion. "Okay. Let's go, Cassie... we need that if we're gonna go out into the unknown and deal with powers beyond human control..."

She followed her dirty flaxen-headed companion to that particular room, with the chest, in the entrance to the far left in the kitchen.

They looked at the chest. It was like every other chest they had encountered. But this one was radiating an aura that they had never seen before. The aura of the Moon Stone.

Eric opened it with ease, taking the item out of its velvet place in the chest. It was a silver hue, shining in the flames of the torches nearby. It was an orb shape, too, like a glittery pearl that just came out of an oyster's mouth... (?)

"Now, THAT'S pretty..." the blue haired gunslinger trailed off before Hanpan, the cute little blue Wind Mouse came out of Eric's pocket.

Noticing this, Eric greeted him. "Why, hello, mousy."

Hanpan had just came out of slumber, so his eyes were half - open. He shook his head, vigorously to try to shake it off. "Heeeeey, Eriiiic. What's uuuuup....?"

As Cassie choked back laughter, Eric let out a small chuckle. "Oh, just my ego, since today's the day we set out for a place I don't really know yet, since Minister Johan's gonna tell us later. But, anyway, yeah, I'm even more smug, because we found this beauty..." Eric explained while tossing the Moon Stone in the air just above his head, then catching it again.

Slapping himself again to attempt to get out of his half-awake stage, he shook his head again. "What is it?" he inquired, looking at the orb-shaped thingamajigger.

"It is the Moon Stone, an item that might be a bit cheap looking, but it's worth it, for it nullifies the status error of Poison," Eric elaborated with an arrogant grin on his face.

Hanpan ran his little mouse fingers along its curved edges. "Hm. You better put it to good use, then."

Eric smiled, then was tempted to knock the little blue Wind Mouse off his shoulder. "Shut it, mousy."
Clapping her hands together, our Rudy alternate suggested, "Well, I'm hungry! Do you think we should go back to the dining room?"

Turning his gaze to the female gunslinger, Eric nodded. "Yeah. That scent of the biscuits and gravy is getting to me."

Smirking as they were walking, the duo (plus Hanpan), thought about the future, wondering where this was exactly going to take them. When they arrived at the dining room, they sat themselves and were served the biscuits and gravy.

"My Guardians, this smells delicious..." our Rudy alternate exclaimed.

"Indeed it does..." Eric accomodated, picking up his... spork. XD

Looking at the large sum of the breakfast platter, Cassie said, "I'm not sure if I could eat all this... Eric, would you eat what I can't finish off?"

Smiling because of his large appetite, he acquiesced her request, cutting some of the first biscuit with the fork end. "Hey, mousy!" He set Hanpan down on the table from his shoulder. "Breakfast had been served..."

After being set down, Hanpan smelled of it. "Wow!" he remarked, taking some of the biscuit that Eric cut with his fork. "I haven't smelled anything this good since-"

Interrupting Hanpan, Eric warned him, "Watch it, mousy..."

Hanpan grumbled out the second piece of his sentence, then took another article of the biscuit and munched on it.

5 minutes later, Julian came into the kitchen. He sat between the two (plus Hanpan) and was served. After he said 'hi', he took a bite of it, and said, "Mmm! This is delicious! My compliments to the chef!" sweetly.

After swallowing a bit, Cassie said, "Hey, Julian. You look fantastic. After your barber straightened it out so you didn't have split ends, of course."

After sweatdropping, Julian replied, "Yeah. Much more manageable, too." He smiled widely, remembering the script. {sweatdrop symbol inserted here}

And yes, Cecilia's hanging out here, in the lobby, reviewing this, and she's proud. Prouder than a parent whose kid just got all A's in all of his/her classes. And we're sort of laughing our asses off, too.

"Anyways, aren't you excited? We're going to reclaim the Tear Drop and destroy the demons! This is gonna be freakin' awesome!"

"I know, but there are probably going to be a lot of things in our way. I mean, this isn't gonna be a walk in the park, if you catch my drift, here," Cassie reminded her two male companions (and Hanpan), looking down a bit at her biscuits and gravy.

"Aw, come off it, Cassie. It's gonna be fun nonetheless. Just think of all the new people we get to meet, all the tension-y moments that'll be going on, all the conundrums..." Hanpan reminded her, trailing off.

"Oh... all right," she said, lifting her head up and smiling at them brightly, her crimson eyes shining.

Minister Johan walked in the kitchen, then sat himself down. He was wearing his usual robes, his slightly balding head... balding more. He was also wearing sandals. Ah, yes, and a medallion that showed he was a minister with Solus Emsu's symbol on it.

His eyes immediately went to Julian, who looked away immediately, back to his breakfast. Minister Johan got the picture and looked to the other two. "It's good to see you up this early in the morning. I wanted to talk to the three of you."

"HEY!" Hanpan chided at the minister, a bit hurt for his lack of observation.

"Oop, sorry, the four of you..." Minister Johan corrected himself, scratching the back of his head, wondering how the blue Wind Mouse could speak.

"Thaaaaaaat's better!" Hanpan said, striking a pose, one that portrayed arrogance and/or conceitedness.

Stooge... Minister Johan thought. Then he said, "Anyways, you're next destination will be the Guardian Shrine, north of Milama Village. You'll have to go through the Mountain Pass to get there, tho'."

"The Mountain Pass? You mean the place that had those two rude knights? Seriously, those spears were sharp. And I have a bruise from the other one... but I'm not gonna show it to you for the sake of your minds," Cassie said, sweatdropping a bit, then going back to her biscuits and gravy.

"Sure..." Eric said, also taking a bite of his breakfast.

"Um, anyways, have the Guardians spoken to you, yet, Julian?" Minister Johan inquired to the brunette headed prince, who was crouched rather low to his food.

Julian raised his head to give Minister Johan eye contact, then replied, "Uh, yeah. Stoldark has. Here's his rune..." Julian dug in his coat pocket for a rune with a design that portrayed a tidal wave. Remembering his lines again, he said, "I'm proud to be the Innocent One and the Shaman Child of the Guardians."

"So they have!" Minister Johan exclaimed. "Excellent! There's definitely a way of knowing now!" Remembering the ten chests that magically appeared in the Adlehyde Council Room, he said, "Also, there are ten unopened chests in the Adlehyde Council Room. Go acquire what's in them, then head to Milama Village."

They head to the Council Room and acquire a plethera of items that would be helpful to them throughout the quest to the Tear Drop, including a bracelet called the 'Missanga', which raises whoever's wearing it luck by one level. Such as if you had 'Bad' luck, it would be raised to 'Normal' luck and so on.

As they were exiting the Castle to see the still-in-shambles Adlehyde, Julian piped up a question to our two skilled Dream Chasers. "Now, this Mountain Pass..."

"It's on the peninsula south of the Temple of Memory..." Eric trailed off sadly, the tragedy of someone dear lost radiating off of him.

"Hey, Eric... what's wrong?" Cassie asked him, rather intent on getting an answer.

"Nothing, nothing..." Eric lied, trying to get off the subject. The emotions going through his head clouded his judgement.

"Something must be eating at you..." Cassie accused, not dropping the subject.

This didn't exactly bring pleasure to our blonde swordsman. It made him furious. "Just never mind! I don't like to talk about it! Now, can we please find another subject, or I'm gonna have to kill something here, soon."

Immediately aware that something was wrong here, but she didn't want to be crabbed at anymore, she dropped the subject. She looked around at the once-bountiful city of Adlehyde. Now it was... ugly. And figuratively speaking, too.

Here's the description of Adlehyde. The cobblestones were all burned, giving the grim look an even-more-so heinous look. The rooftops had holes in them, and shingles were falling off the roofs. Since it had rained the night prior to this day, the insides of the houses were wet, damp and not very livable. That's why some of the townspeople favored in staying outside for the time being. The siding of the houses were burnt, some of the houses even burnt down from last week's events. Luckily, the grief of the people from said events was gone, and they were surprisingly cheerful, having faith in the future. Some of the people of Adlehyde had also formed the Adlehyde Restoration Committee, a clan determined to fix the city and make it even bigger maybe. The attack was a major wake-up call for most of the city, and Adlehyde Castle had been so kind to even step up the security forces and hire more knights. The East Plaza was also off-limits to passersby and other Dream Chasers,because it was deemed unsafe by Mayor Cuthbert, who was still rather broken up about the whole thing.

The trio (plus Hanpan) headed out of the singed Adlehyde gates after getting supplies they needed to cure various status errors and healing potions/berries/et cetera. After they exited the town, they headed northwest to the Mountain Pass.

Since this is dragged out, and since I'm just plain lazy, I'll skip ahead to where the krazy krisps winds are in between the two in-the-air... things. I think you know where I mean when I say Eric gets his second Fast Draw here.

The winds were blowing hard. Cassie all of a sudden wished her red vest had long sleeves. Eric wished he had another trench coat on and Julian was just content cuz his jacket was a Windbreaker. (XD)

But of course, since his face was uncovered, he shivered once, then uttered out, "Man, these damned winds..." He pulled the collar of his jacket over his chin and mouth.

Eric went 5 feet from where the other two were standing and sat down, and began to think. Deviously. When he thinks, something usually is blown up or sliced in half by the broadsword he had right now.

"..." Hanpan hesitated to say something. "What-"

"The power of the this wind... if only I could harness its power..." Eric trailed off, looking at the sword sheathed in his side with yearning.

Hanpan sighed harshly. "Why don't you try it, then?"

While Hanpan said that last bit, Eric got inspired. A beige swirl went around his sword's blade once he unsheathed it, and wind energy pulsated through his body.


FAST DRAW HINT acquired. {Sword icon inserted here}

In the battle following, against a Harpy, Eric mastered the hint. We'll save the use of the attack for another battle, mm'kay? By the way, he named it 'Sonic Buster', for a reason I don't know why cuz I just don't. But anyways...

"Wow..." Julian beamed. "That's a cool attack. It can hit more than one enemy at a time, eh?"

Eric nodded with a smile on his 27-year-old face. "Yeah... but it's also weaker than Psycho Crack. And Psycho Crack was weak..."

"Aw, come off it, Eric. It's still a useful attack, now stop being so modest," Julian said while slapping him on the shoulder.

"Well, shall we go?" Eric asked his two teenage companions. He sheathed his broadsword in its scabbard and stood up with excellent posture.

Ah, yes, and by the way, the music that's playing right now is "Time To Dance" by Panic! At the Disco. I thank you.

"We shall," Julian replied, with a big smile on his face.

Cassie nodded and ran toward the second section of the cave. It was darker than Hades in there, and our quartet couldn't see a thing.

"Damn... it's dark in here..." Julian trailed off before waving a hand in front of his own face. It was so dark, he couldn't even see it.

"I wish I had something to light these lanterns we keep seeing..." Eric longingly said, tired of the darkness partially because his eyes weren't used to it yet. The sections of the outside part of the Mountain Pass were in broad daylight, and being engulfed in darkness didn't exactly please him; or his eyes.

Having keen eyesight gave our blue-haired gunslinger the ability to see in the dark. Her eyes pinpointed a silver glint in the darkness. "Hey, what's that?" she asked while pointing to the right.

Having the same ability as our Rudy alternate, Hanpan looked over to where she was pointing to see the silver glint. "It's... a lighter..."

Eric and Julian's submaxillas dropped. Eric was the one to speak first after closing his mouth and stopping to think for a second. "Hm. That's gotta be like a pun or something..." He strolled over to the lighter, then picked it up. Then he ignited it and waltzed over to a random lantern and lighted it. The place was lit up... instantaneously. (XD) There's the return of that big word! We missed ya, buddy.

"Wow... now that's a useful tool. Bet we'll only have to use it for 3 or 4 different things."

"Quit being that way, mousy! Julian..."



10 minutes later, in the last chamber of the Mountain Pass...

The gang were in front of a wall that looked like it was crumbling down. And the walls came a-crumbling down. XD I love that song. But anyways...

"You know, this wall looks pretty damn suspicious..." Julian accused of it. And it did.

"Do you think it could be blown up?" Eric inquired to the other... three.

Our... Rudy alternate dug in her knapsack for a bomb. She set it down by the crumbling wall and ignited it. The path was cleared, and the rock was blown out toward them, which killed the quartet. Nah, that's stupid. If they were killed, this fanfiction would be much shorter! Stupid!

The quartet walked through the new passageway. There was a chest. No different from the other ones that the four had encountered before.

Julian kneeled down and opened the treasure chest with ease. He took the old, crumpled beige piece of parchment out of its velvet case.

MAGIC MAP acquired {Magic Map icon inserted here}

What Julian saw on the parchment was a map of Filgaia and all three of their positions on Filgaia, in the Mountain Pass. Eric was a beige dot, Cassie was a blue dot, and Julian was a brown dot. If you hadn't already guessed, it goes by the hue of their hair. XD

"Cool... a map of Filgaia. It even shows our positions on Filgaia by the color of our hair! That's freakin' schweet..."

They exit the room. It's near the end. Recall I said the last chamber of the Mountain Pass? You don't? Well, I said it, so nyah. The quartet talk to the two people that are supposed to be guarding the Mountain Pass, except one was sleeping with Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews opened to page 337 over his face. His spear was on the ground, signaling that he had probably dropped it a while ago, for the hand that was supposedly holding it was lowered to the ground.

The one that wasn't in the luxury of slumber greeted them. "Hello. Looks like somebody made it through the Mountain Pass in one piece. I'm Bryan. Sleeping beauty over there is Frank."

After chuckling a bit, Julian introduced them to the awake guard. "I'm Julian. The actual beauty over there is Cassie." If Bryan had looked at her, he would have seen her cheeks stained with crimson. "And the rouge beside her is Eric. You don't really see people going through here very often, do you?"

"Not really. I swear you must be the first three people I've seen in a month successfully come through here, with the monsters. You've even found the Magic Map rumored to be hidden here by thieves a few decades ago," Bryan beamed while pointing out the Magic Map in Eric's grasp.

"Ah, it was nothing. That wall looked pretty obvious," Cassie explained modestly, her cheeks turning an even deeper red.

"True that," Julian agreed.

"Wait. Why are you coming through the Mountain Pass in the first place?" Bryan asked, rather intent on getting an answer for he was quite curious.

"Uh, no real reason..." Julian said, not really wanting to get on that subject.

"It's really none of your business anyway..." Eric told him, crossing his arms across his abs, tapping his foot impatiently.

"But-" Bryan stammered incoherently.

"No damned buts!" Julian fumed, disgusted with the word, 'but'. He then sighed. "Can we go now?"

"Really, we've got places to go, people to meet," Cassie urged.

Guardians, for that matter...

"Oh, of course," Bryan said reluctantly. "But-"

"Oh, SHUT UP!" Julian screamed.

They ran out of there after that outburst. They did not talk until they reached Milama Village, which took a couple hours.

After they entered the gates, they realized that Milama Village was clearly dominant with water. It was one of the few villages left on Filgaia that actually had water in abundancy. My outtake on this factor is that they must have irrigated the land a lot, and well, too. Oh, yeah, and Milama Village's theme music rawked, too. That typo was done on purpose for my amusment and my amusement only. (XD)

"Do you suppose..." Cassie started. "That the huge structure to the north of here is the Guardian Shrine?"
"I would guess," Julian... uh... guessed. XD

A rather pudgy woman came up to the three of them. She was wearing a rather revealing green Chiffon dress and 4 inched high heels. In one of her arms was a light brown chihuahua, with a hot-pink leather sweater on. It's collar was adorned with diamonds, about 1 karat apiece. In her other hand, she held a Louis Vuitton tote bag also adorned with diamonds and various other gems. She also had a mole on her mustache with little dark brown hairs coming out of it. Her hair was black and it was tied up in a French twist. Then she spoke in a deep Scandinavian accent, "Did you say you were going to the 'Guardian Shrine'?"

"Yes, in fact, we are," Julian confirmed, turning around to look at the woman. He gaped at her... ugliness for a couple second, noting that she had several chins and those chins hid her neck.

She replied, with a smug smirk played across her face, "Well, the pub owner's father was a Guardian Priest. You should go talk to him."

Feeling like a bit of a smartass at the moment (Cecilia: But, of course, what guy isn't in this fanfiction? XD), Julian commanded something sarcastically, "Tell me something. If this guy's father was a priest, given that priests are supposed to live lives of celibacy, then how could he have a son?"
A bit irked at Julian's dumb question, Eric chided at him, "Julian! Stop being a smartass!" He then turned back to the pudgy woman and bowed graciously. "Thank you. We shall go talk to him."

The woman dropped the dog and let it scamper away furiously. She was gaping at Julian. "Wait... Julian...? You're the prince of Adlehyde, aren't you?"

"Yes, unfortunately," Julian sneered at his late father, overwrought. "I don't like to talk about it."

"That's too bad..." the woman said, a warm smile coming to her face. "I'm Cin-"

The quartet (including Hanpan who was hanging on for his little Wind Mouse life on Eric's shoulder) ran off. This... woman... even tho', she looked more like a man than a woman despite the elegant dress she was wearing... was getting the best of them, and when that happens, they get irked to the 5th degree, and that's bad. Very bad.

Cassie spotted a Weaponry shop to the north of them, she stopped completely to stare at it. Since she was ahead of her two male companions, they stopped along with her, wondering why she had stopped. "Oh, hey. A Weaponry shop! Let's get some new weaponry!"

They go into the Weaponry store and buy a Bastard sword katana for Cassie, a Might Blade broadsword for Eric and a Dream Wand... staff for Julian. They also sold all their old weaponry to the shopkeeper for 3/4 of the original price.

Eric looked at his new broadsword. He looked at the hilt, which was adorned with rubies and such to go along with the gold that the rest of it was. He fingered a random ruby and then went along to the hilt. He traced his fingers along the wide blade, feeling the silver. This was no ordinary blade, this was... an.. extraordinary blade. XD

"Wow... this sword... is schweet..." Eric trailed off before fingering it more, fascinated.

Really wanting to get this over with now, Julian asked his two unusual companions f34ring their blades, "Well, shall we go to the pub?"

Here was Cassie's riposte, "Totally, yeah."

They walked to the pub. After they entered it, they observed that it was too full of people. The capacity was overloaded. And it was loud, too. Glasses breaking were sounding from everywhere, and slurring from the drunkenness was also parts of the noise, too. In other words, the place was way too damned busy.

Cassie started to jump up and down, waving her hands in the air to try and get the pub owner's attention. "Hey! Mr. Pub Owner, sir!"

I think she got it, too, because she heard, "The name's Bob! And by the way, could you talk to me once this crowd's thinned out?" Bob asked them.

Ignoring his request, Julian yelled back, "We came to ask about the Guardians and their shrine just north of here!" Oh, yeah, and he also got poked in the face by a drunk woman.

"The Guardians...." Bob hesitated for a second before yelling back, "I didn't think anybody knew about them anymore!"

A bit irked because this 'Bob' thought he didn't know that he knew about the Guardians. He was the freakin' Innocent One, for Guardians' sake! "Well, you thought wrong!"

"I'm not running a temple here! Why don't you have a bite to eat while the customers thin out?" Bob suggested.

"All right," Julian started, hungry for his favorite meal. "Five hamburgers, please!"

"Yees! Who's gonna eat all that?" Bob was shocked to hear the order, but started making the hamburgers nonetheless.

In about 10 minutes, Eric was laughing his ass off at a cruel remark he had just made to Julian.

"I can't believe you had seconds! Maybe you really are the Glutton Man, the Great Magician of-" but Eric was interrupted.

Julian got out his Dream Wand and pointed it at Eric. "You shut up, or I'm gonna sic my Valkyrie spell on you!" And I don't think he was kidding, because the sincerity in his voice proved it. Maybe he's sensitive on that subject?

Cassie stood up and held out both of her arms and pushed as hard as she could against both of their chests, prying them apart. She at least got them apart so that their noses weren't touching anymore. "Children, quit fighting... seriously, you guys, you're acting like children. Note that I'm the youngest one here, so I'm the one that should be acting like a child."

Julian sat back down, put away his Crest Sorcery wand and folded his arms across his chest. "I only like to eat so much because I get really hungry after a battle. Magic casting requires a lot of energy, so nyah!"

Eric began stuttering like an idiot, much like Dr. Nitrous Brio from Crash Bandicoot.

After the last person had left, Bob stopped pacing back and forth behind the counter, and told them, more quietly, now, "Okay! I'm ready to talk!"

The quartet noted that everybody that had been clamoring and/or stepping on/slurring drunkenly at/slapping/poking Julian was gone. They walked with ease to the bar stools, noting that the red velvet (which went with the dark brown the rest of they were) was quite comfortable.

"Now... the Guardian Shrine... nobody has been in it for over twenty years. You see, there was a room in there that only priests were permitted to see..." he explained while giving Eric a pen and a piece of paper.

Eric looked down at the office supplies for a second, then looked back at Bob with a look of confusion on his face.

Observing Eric's look of confusion, Bob replied quickly, "Write this down: Light the fire at two, then at ten. If you light the fire at six, you will get an open door at twelve."

"At twelve..." Eric said absentmindedly while writing down that last bit.

"Also, take this..." he told Cassie while giving her a medal- let me rephrase that- terribly chipped, but surprisinly shiny medal that had the symbol of Solus Emsu on it. "You'll need it. It's like a key or something."

HOLY METAL acquired {Holy Medal icon inserted here}

Julian gaped at the object that Bob had just handed our Rudy alternate. "Shiiiiinyyyyy..." he trailed off before reaching out to take it from her and f34r it. But, before he could get close enough to snatch it away from her, the blue-haired gunslinger slapped his hand to fend him off. Julian withdrew his hand... instantaneously.

Really wanting to get on with this, Eric said, "Much gratitude, sir."

Bob nodded to him and then continued to clean the rather dirty countertop.

Julian, Cassie and Eric leave the pub, arrogant grins on each one of their faces, because they had just gotten this new information.

Noting that there was a Magic Guild to the north of them after walking west a bit after going south a bit, Cassie stopped again. "You don't suppose we should stop by that Magic Guild and bind a few new spells to Julian's three new Crest Graphs, do ya?" the Rudy alternate asked Eric. Julian's face lit up with happiness, feeling as though the gunslinger had just read his mind.

Observing Julian's look, Eric replied, "Well, judging by his expression, maybe we should."

Cassie nodded her head and began to walk to the Magic Guild, her two male companions (and three, if you count Hanpan sleeping in Eric's pocket) following close behind her. There probably isn't a Magic Guild in Baskar Village anyway... Cassie thought.

With Julian leading the pack, he asked the binder to bind Freeze, Revive and Shield to his three Crest Graphs. After the cool sounds effects were over with, the three set off for the Guardian Shrine.


"Hmm... hand me that paper," Eric commanded to Julian (who had taken the paper from Eric to prevent losing it). He handed it to Eric. "Thank you."

Eric went along with his lighter out and opened and lit. He lighted the 2nd Fire Container Thingamajig from the top, the 10th, glanced down at the paper again, the 6th FCT, then the top one. The rest of the fire container thingamabobbers lit themselves.

"Well, that's a cool little effect..." Julian added brightly.

"Oh, just-" Eric interrupted himself and shot Julian a look that said, 'shut the Hades up'.

Then Cassie shot Eric a look of desperate deconfinement (I wonder what that means. I'll look it up.) ((2 minutes later... after 2 minutes of searching for the Absolute Power (((the Absolute Power being a dictionary))) Dani could not find it in the mess she calls her lair. She screams "DAMN IT!" and goes back to writing her fanfiction.))

They go back upstairs. Earlier, Eric had been striking the door with his sword (because that's his way of letting off steam, as I have mentioned before) And, of course, before that, he had tried to kick it. Then he figured that the Holy Medal was the 'key' that Bob had been talking about. When he tried to open the door with that, it didn't work, which pissed him off even more. So he stormed off down the stairs to the right, then saw all these lantern-type thingers and got an evil idea. Well, not an evil idea, figuratively speaking, but it was evil nonetheless.

Eric tried the Holy Medal again and -EGAD!!- it worked! The door opened after a bunch of rumbling movements and sounds, and the path to the future was lightened? That's not right. Well, sort of, but... the path to the next floor was cleared! There we go!

Some time later, Julian, Eric and Cassie were in front of a huge mirror. Eric checked his reflection and then said, "Lookin' good!" After that CNN-worthy event, a blue light is emitted from the Water Rune in Julian's blue jacket pocket. It goes through the mirror, which caused it to become out-of-focus for a couple seconds.

Hearing Stoldark's voice in his mind, Julian uttered, "I understand, Stoldark..." He then raised his voice to tell the other two, "We must go though there."

Eric looked at the mirror again, then asked sarcastically, "Well, what do you plan to do next, Prince Julian?"

Julian hesitated for a moment. Then he walked through the mirror. It became distorted once again before going normal again.

Cassie and Eric turned to each other in a fury, the emotion of worry spilled across their faces.

Cassie, of course, was the first to speak. "What! Damn it! Follow him!"

They go through the mirror, too, with ease, even tho', they had their eyes closed while running through it.

And then the two (three if you count Hanpan, but he was with Eric anyway) were separated.

And since I felt like it, Eric's scenario will come first!

Eric goes through his scenario with a look of determination and maybe even a hint of... (gasp!) courage on his face. At the end, or at least, the last room of the scenario, he finds a saber stuck in the ground, like the sword from the legend of King Arthur.

"Hhh... this is the Absolute Power! This is the sword I've been searching for for so long!"

He takes a hold of the hilt, and with two gentle tugs, he pulls it from the ground. After 5 seconds of looking at it with proud eyes, the sword flies from his hand and disappears into the unknown.

"! Wha- what happened?" Eric asked to no one in particular.

The room suddenly turns to a void of darkness, the hue pitch black. The weird thing was when he waved his hand in front of his own face, he could see it perfectly. He turns his head furiously from side to side. "Where am I? Gggh... vast nothingness... it's like a dream." He hesitates for a second, feeling another presence in the room. "Is someone here? Come out, whoever you are!"

A rather familiar- well, two rather familiar women, one with red hair the other with pink appear. Eric noticed them all-too-well, and was taken aback at the sight of them.

"No way... it can't be!"

"You're the one who ran," the crimson haired one told him, a sneer on her face. "Coward! You seek power, but you refuse to use it!"

A bit flustered, and still dumbfounded from these events, Eric said, shaking, "I've never ran from anything before. I've accepted every challenge I've faced..."

"You ran from your friends and your responsibilities," the pink-haired knight spat at him. "But most of all, you ran from yourself. Don't you get it? A coward can destroy, but true power is the power of protection."

"I know that. I really do. That is why I am seeking it," Eric stuttered out, still confused as Hades and wondering how the heck this is possible! "Please be patient..."

With that, Eric sank down to his knees, defeated. He was unable to move from shock. "Elmina... Tara..."

They both disappeared. Eric, when the room was lit up again by random torches, noticed he was on a secluded patch of floor. He was unable to get off.


Cassie Roughnight stood in front of a mirror. She was gaping at an image that was just ahead of her. It was Tony, the little kid from Surf Village.

Turning around, Tony screeched, "The monsters are coming!"

Cassie drew her katana, stepped it front of Tony and slayed the monster that had just appeared out of the mirror with one powerful swipe. When she looked back at Tony, he stepped away from her a couple steps.

""You're just as scary as the monsters..." Tony said softly, fright emanating from his voice.


A ghost of Mayor Pifer appeared.

"You caused that earthquake... You delivered that damage to the village of Surf!" he accused, his eyes narrowing at the sight of the blue-haired gunslinger.

His wife, Julia, appeared next to him. Her expression was dominated by anger, and her aura was just screaming the color of red.

"A lady isn't meant for such powers! It should be forbidden!"

The horse owner appeared on the left side of Cassie.

"She isn't a lady. ARMs have been brought up from the same soil. They could have originally belonged to demons!"

Tony's father appeared behind Cassie.

"You're right, Phil. She's not a lady. Just look at yourself! You're a monster!"

Cassie waltzed up to the mirror. She didn't see her own reflection, but that of the monster that had attacked Tony. She stepped back from the reversifyin' glass with a look of shock and disdain on her face.

The ghosts, all excepting Tony, disappeared.

"You're a monster," he said, scowling at her, his eyes narrowed, and his theme music just screaming hate. "You don't belong on Filgaia. Nobody wants to even look at you."

Then, the ghost of Tony disappeared, leaving Cassie on her knees, crying her heart out because of... an illusion.

After she was done crying, she noticed she was on the same secluded piece of floor Eric was on. After Eric had realized she was there, he knelt down to the floor to be level with her and hugged the stuffing out of her, trying to give her the notion that everything was all right. He wiped the tears from her eyes, gave her a reassuring smile, then began to talk about happier things like... movies and flowers.


Finally, this leads me to Julian's scenario.

Julian walked and walked until he saw himself in the Adlehyde Throne Room. Eheh... not THAT kind of throne room. Get your minds out of the gutter, people. Guh.

"What the-" Julian got out before a ghost of Minister Johan appeared.

"The Prince is coming to save Filgaia. May the Guardians be with him..."

Julian was going to say 'Thank you', but was interrupted by a random knight appearing.

"The prince is responsible for being a prince... remember that."

"I know, I know, but-"

He was cut off once again by another knight appearing.

"Have you noticed that no one calls you by your name?" the knight said, finally getting that dramatic thing out, being smug.

Rather shocked, Julian opened his mouth to say a smartass remark back but was cut off by the king appearing in his throne.

"Father... not you too..."

"What's the surprise? You knew no one loved you. By the way, the prince is a symbol, Julian is not. Do you understand?"

Rage was building up inside of Julian. Enough anger accumulated to literally punch his father, but he restrained himself, for he was too polite to ever do that, as dubious as that may sound.

Another figure appeared behind him. Julian turned around in a fury at the 'whoosh' that had sounded and saw himself; but not exactly himself. It was himself before he had given himself that 'haircut'. The former Julian also had Curan Abbey attire on. This kind of freaked Julian out, and it made him begin to think; What the Hades is going on here? These memories... why are they replaying on me? Do the Guardians have anything to do with this? If so, I wonder if they're on our side...

"Are you me?" Julian asked the ghost, getting over his slight state of shock.

Ignoring the brunette Crest Sorceror's question, the other Julian stated, "You requested this dangerous mission because you wanted to be loved by someone. But what you really want is sympathy, you hypocrite."

The real Julian sank to his knees and put both of his hands to each ear. "AM I WRONG?! ANSWER ME!"

All the ghosts disappeared, laughing, excepting the other Julian.

"You don't love anyone, no one loves you. WAKE UP!" he commanded at Julian icily before disappearing himself.

Sniffling a bit, Julian raised his head a bit before saying, "That isn't true... I love the people of Filgaia enough to do this 'dangerous mission'..."

He was teleported back to the platform. Julian once again saw his other two companions talking the events that they went through, about how they were 'old wounds of the past that they didn't want to relive' and all that.

Julian sobbed a little. He realized that he was still on his knees and that his eyes were beginning to leak a bit. Out of the corner of her eye, Cassie saw the brunette prince and dropped down to her knees at his side and began to comfort him, as he had done so many times for her. "Julian, what happened?"

Then he stood up, shaking off her hand, which she had placed on his shoulder previously to reassure him in a futile attempt.


Julian shushed her. This confused both the blue-haired gunslinger and the blonde swordsman, as well as Hanpan, who was sticking his head out of Eric's trench coat pocket.

This is the boy Stoldark had chosen? My, my... a voice, distant in Julian's mind remarked. It sounded like a baritone male voice, an English accent with a little Cockney twist.

What a weak mind! The weakening of Filgaia is really the weakening of the human soul! Gurdijeff! Do you really want this one to the decide Filgaia's destiny? another voice said inside his mind, this time a lower male voice, with a regular northern accent, with 'pitch induced curves'. XD

"The voice in my heart... is the voice of the Guardians..." Julian trailed off before attempting to listen more closely.

"What?" Eric asked Julian, clearly dumbfounded. "Damn you... show yourselves!" He raised his fist threateningly, even tho', there wasn't really anything near him that he could punch except fire, and let's just say, if he tried to punch fire, it wouldn't work very well.

You may be right, Fengalon... Look at them. They look defeated. This time, a soft female voice sounded in Julian's mind, with a nice Japanese accent, too. ^_^

"I can feel the emotions of the Guardians in my heart... the anger and rage... the doubt and sorrow..." Julian trailed off again, professing this feeling as if he knew it so well, he could recite their exact words.

"DAMN YOU!! STOP TOYING WITH US!!!" Eric yelled to no one, his slightly shrilly voice piercing the silence like the scream of a child in a Perkins restaurant... not that Perkins is silent, but damn it, those screams are annoying...

The room faded to 'vast nothingness', pitch black darkness, but when they waved their hands in front of their faces, they could once again see them perfectly. The room then lit up into a technicolor wonderland. But, if you can't exactly comprehend what I'm trying to say, my cousin Molly is like 9 years old, and when that scene came on she was like, 'Ooh, that's pretty...' while looking at it all starry-eyed. So yeah.

A dragonesque creature with azure scales and bright neon green spikes that extended from its shoulders all the way down to the end of its tail appeared. But it wasn't really real. It was actually a spirit, for you couldn't exactly feel any magical power around it...

"I am the Earth Guardian, Gurdijeff. We called out for help, and the Innocent One and the two Guardian Warriors answered our call..." the same soft female voice said to the three companions.

Another figure appeared. This time, it was a bird who didn't have feathers, but instead of that usual, they were flames. On its legs were black armor, a design on each one. Its midsection and breast parts were covered with that same kind of armor. It's beak was normal, and it sort of went downward at the edge. Its eyes burned red like the intensity of a thousand suns...

"I am the Fire Guardian, Moa Gault. I have looked into your souls. They are weak and vulnerable. They are not strong enough to take on the demons whom we have been contending with for the past millenium," the one with the northen accent told them.

A, what seems like "Tiger in a tornado" appeared. It had white fur, striped with timberwolf. On its forehead was a gem that looked like a ruby, which shined in the technicolor lighting. Its eyes were green, and they burned with the desire to... keep the wind currents a-ok? XD

"I am the Wind Guardian, Fengalon. We are the Guardians, and we need your help," the cockney accented one told them, baring its fangs for no apparent reason.

"First things first... damn you! Why have you been showing us these illusions? Answer me, Guardians!" Eric yelled at the three figures, trying desperately to get an answer as to why these... Guardians were trying to pick him apart.

"To see if your souls were strong enough. They aren't yet, but we figure once this journey leads to defeating Zeikfried, your souls will be strong enough... and, of course, where there's a will, there's a way. All you really have to do is believe in yourself, and, as Zephyr would say, have hope to believe in the future. Hope can really accomplish anything..." the fire stated, sort of... rambling. XD

Fengalon sighed before saying, "You hold the key to our existance. As well as the existance of Filgaia."

"Yes. The Tear Drop..." Gurdijeff added sadly.

"The Tear Drop?" Julian asked the draconic creature, clearly shocked. "How do you know?"

"We know. We can feel its power. As your father said, the Tear Drop, in the wrong hands, could destroy Filgaia," Fengalon explained. Then the male Wind Tiger realized he had brought up the King of Adlehyde, the one man that Julian sincerely hated, so he quickly apologized.

"So the demons want to destroy Filgaia with it, huh? That's pretty typical, I suppose," Julian asked Fengalon, really wanting to get off the subject of his father.

"Well, no actually. They want to use it to reincarnate their master, the Mother," was Fengalon's riposte. Which probably made no sense to the blue-haired gunslinger or the blonde swordsman. Maybe Hanpan, tho'.

"Mother?" Cassie asked the three figures drifting in the air ahead of them. "So that's the name of their master, eh?" She chortled a bit.

"Warriors!" Gurdijeff vociferated quite loudly, causing our three Guardian Warriors to jump. "Do you still seek our power?"

"Well, we can't possibly do this ourselves..." Julian told the three Guardians, kind of scraping his feet on the ground with his hands behind his back... innocently. XD

"All right. We will give you the power you seek, but time is running out. You will be able to summon us into your reality," Gurdijeff explained while waving her tail a couple times.

Force: SUMMON GUARDIAN acquired. {Random Rune icon inserted here}


"Okay, now..." Fengalon and Moa Gault said together while focusing their energy. They disappeared somewhere and the three Guardian Warriors were left with no trace of anybody at all. Except Gurdijeff, of course.

"To reclaim the Tear Drop, we-"

Then Gurdijeff disappeared. The screen whites out, while the technicolor background glows brighter shades of crimson until it actually became white.

The three warriors were again teleported back to the platform they were once on. They felt a sharp pain surge through their veins twice, the pain nearly unbearable. It caused them to drop to their knees, looks of terror strewn across their faces.

"Agh!" Julian grunted while rubbing the last spot the pain had been last. "What happened?"

"That was a jolt from the dark spear of Zeikfried!" Gurdijeff explained, but there were still looks of confusion on the faces of the Rudy and Jack alternates. "We are not strong to transfer to the battle."

This confused the two even further, for they did not see a soul that was attacking them. They thought that maybe Julian was keeping something from them?

This scene ends here. The next scene will be interesting, for it will show you all of the villians, including this mysterious 'Zeikfried'.


The Photosphere; excavated in Arctica. A man in armor stood with his back turned to the screen. He was wearing a ridiculous purple cape and blue armor. He also wore a helmet/visor on his head, so you couldn't exactly see his hair or facial features.

He turned around. The only part of his face you could actually see was his mouth and his nose. He was definitely caucasian, I can at least tell you that much. "That damned Guardian! He scanned the area with his mind!"

Two ladies, one we know as Lady Scarlett appeared. The other one had bright red hair, with armor to match. She had a hair accesory, too, which looked like two angel wings. The two wings extended from each side of her head. Were they connected? I don't know, I haven't looked at Lady Harken that close. XD

"His scans have been shut off..." Lady Harken informed, trailing off so Lady Scarlett could finish the line.

"The Duke's mansion is superb..." Lady Scarlett finished.

A weird bloaty thing wearing a pink sheet with a gold mask on its face with a ruby on the forehead. And if this thing was female, which I superbly doubt despite the pink sheet, it probably forgot to take its Midol this morning, if you catch my drift here. In, what seemed to be a hand, carries an NOS energy drink, so you just know that this thing had to be hyperactive. XD

"Well, the humans have come in contact with the Guardians! What the Hiades are we gonna do now?" the bloaty figure asked them, sounding... male.

"Hey, don't ask me, Emilio! I'm just a swordstress like my friend, Lady Harken here! I'm not a miracle worker..." Lady Scarlett eyed the bloaty figure, now dubbed as Emilio (cough) Rip-off (cough), in a peculiar way. It would definitely make Count Olaf proud.

"Sorry, sorry," Emilio apologized quickly, taking a sip out of the 16 ounce can of NOS.

The same ugly green... thing that helped with the attack on Adlehyde a week ago walked up to the four after entering the door. Notice this thing doesn't have any teleportation skillz. Well, maybe it does, or maybe it'll require them later... I'm rambling, aren't I?

"Right, when I see them squirm in the flames, I can feel my power..." Belselk trailed off bitterly.

"You klnow, we could have gotten the Tear Drop with less destruction, you know," Lady Harken exclaimed.

"Eh... what are you talking about, you newbie!" Belselk asked her, infuriated a bit.

"Be quiet, you two! Lady Scarlett, where's Zed?" the armored one asked, quite intent on getting an answer.

"Um, he's well, in Port Timney, trying to... " Lady Scarlett cleared her throat quick. "Trying to get some ship-goers... uh... scared," she explained while giving him a weak smile.

"Eh, whatever.We have to kill those three meddling humans and that... rat thing. I think they call it Hanpan. But whatever. They might be dangerous to our plans..."

Belselk waved a dismissive hand to the other four. "Sorry, but this one is mine," he claimed the job as he walked away, the ball-and-chain still in hand.

"Why does he get to have all the fun? I'm going to the convenience tent near Court Seim to get some more of this delicious taurine-induced stimulant..." Emilio told the other three before magic white ball-teleporting out of there to go to his desired destination.

Lady Harken said nothing, then reverse drop-teleported to wherever her heart's content wanted her to go.

Lady Scarlett walked up to the armored figure and put a hand to his shoulder before saying, "Have fun, Zeikfried..."

This one called Zeikfried, told her, "Please, Lady Scarlett, call me Zeik. Zeikfried makes me sound... old..."

Lady Scarlett was tempted to say, "But you are old," but refrained from saying for conditions between them didn't need to get worse. She might be demoted to... Zed's position. A cronie. And she was dead-set against that.

She then teleported away to accompany Zed in Port Timney, to frighten ship-goers out of their wits for pure amusement.

"Mother..." the one called Zeik addressed to the cocoon figure I forgot to mention before. "When you awaken, will the remainder of the Quintuple Knights share our dreams?"


The three Guardian Warriors (plus Hanpan) were teleported to somewhere southeast of Baskar Village. Eric got to his feet first. Then Cassie did. She got to Julian and shook the seemingly unconscious brunette Crest Sorceror awake, because she was... good at it.

"Where are we?" Eric asked the rather dizzy prince.

"The place of the seal. Gurdijeff said she would lead us here..." Julian replied with no control over the pitch of his voice.

"So you're telling me that the Demon Queen is buried somewhere around here?" Eric inquired to the still rather dizzy Julian. "I don't like this... not at all. Being dragged all around Filgaia and having to save the planet from this... Zeikfried person..."

Julian then noticed he was holding three stone slabs... each with a different design...

FIRE, WIND, AND EARTH RUNES acquired. {Fire, Wind and Earth Rune icons inserted here}

Julian gave a rune to each of his companions (excluding Hanpan), and put the remaining rune (the Wind Rune) in his knapsack for safe-keeping.

"What is this seal that the Guardians are willing to risk the last of their strength to protect?" Julian asked to no one in particular, looking off into the daylight.

"I don't know," Cassie replied, scratching the back of her head. "You don't suppose we should head to Baskar Village? It's just northwest of here..."

Julian nodded, apparently inclined to acquiesce her request.

They reached the village in about a half hour. Baskar Village was a place that was pretty much in touch with nature. The entire village was actually an Indian tribe. The houses that weren't teepees were made out of adobe, sunbaked mud.

They were greeted by a little girl who actually seemed as if she was waiting for them.

"Hello, Guardian Warriors... we have been awaiting your arrival..." the little girl greeted them, bowing graciously.

This sort of weirded the blue-haired gunslinger and the blonde swordsman out because... 'awaiting their arrival'? Who says that anymore?

"Hello, little girl..." Julian said while exchanging the bow. "We have come to speak with the chief of the village. I hear he's the only one who can really explain what we have to do to rescue Filgaia from the Metal Demons' clutches..."

The little girl bowed again, then said, "Follow me..." She turned around to lead them to the largest building in the entire village. Inside, was a particularly old Native Filgaian man standing by a fire, an equally as old Shepard dog sitting to the right of him. The other thing they observed was that this building was also an Inn, because there was an innkeeper to the left of them.

When Julian came up to him, he was silent for a second. The old man recognized him right away, then took off the feather that adorned his unusually long hair. "I have long forgotten my name. But, I am the chief of Baskar Village nonetheless. Innocent One... Guardian Warriors... is information the item you seek?"

Julian nodded, then felt his other companions' presences to the right and left of him. "Yes. We want to know why we must save Filgaia, the past of Filgaia and various other goodies that you might want to tell us, too."

The chief nodded, then started to tell the story. "1,000 years ago, when the demons withdrew from the war, the humans took the Demon Queen's heart, ripped it in three, and sealed them in three different Guardian statues. One third in the statue of Denogenos, located at the top of Mount Zenom, north of Baskar Village. One third in the statue of Ione Paua, located in the center of Saint Centor. And the last third in the statue of Nua Shakks, located on a ship near the town of Port Timney," the chief explained, wondering if the three understood. "I suppose the Demons desecrated the statue of Zeldukes in Adlehyde a week ago during the attack as well, right?"

"Yes!" Eric exclaimed. "They thought it had a piece of the Queen's heart in it, didn't they?"

"I suppose so. Since it was at Belselk's command... a little less than competant is what Belselk is," Cassie said bitterly, crossing her arms and shaking her head, overwrought with disgust.

"This is true..." Julian agreed.

"Well, anyway, they're not only after the Tear Drop, but they're also after those three statues. Those are the four keys to unlocking the seal that the humans put on Mother 1,000 years ago. If we could prevent them from destroying just one statue, we can prevent the Mother from reviving," the chief said, a hint of premature relief in his voice.


"I believe you are the callers of the Zephyr. Go to the Wind Caller's Altar north of the village. The guard there should be able to help you..."


5 minutes later, at the altar...

"If you are the true callers of the West Wind, go up the stairs and attempt to summon the West Wind..." the guard said, moving aside to make way for the trio.

"Summon the West Wind?" Eric repeated slowly, not very sure if he heard that or not.

"Affirmative..." the guard confirmed with no pause.

The trio (including Hanpan) go up the stairs and look out at the sunset, the horizon beautiful, the reddish/orange hue sparkling in their eyes.

And, of course, Eric had to ruin the mood by whistling, then yelling out, "WEST WIND!!! COME HERE, BOY!!"

Julian looked at him peculiarly, then asked him, "Eric, are you trying to be funny or are you actually serious?"

"Actually, I don't even know," was Eric's riposte. "But if you think you can do it better than I can, let's hear it."

Julian backed down immediately. He wanted to save his heartfelt attempt for tomorrow because he was quite tired as of today.

Since the guard didn't see a black dragon appear out of nowhere, he walked up the stairs. "Maybe you can wait until tomorrow. It's getting quite late, and I don't think Zephyr works afterhours."

The trio, including Hanpan, walked back to the inn, then they pulled on the covers and slept peacefully. This is where the end of this chapter is, peoplez! WooOOOooooOOoOOoooo~


Dani: Finally! I know it's been a while, but this is a long-ass chapter. Hopefully, I can get the next one finished sooner.

Rudy: Yeah, and hopefully, you'll stop using alternate adjectives and pronouns for Cassie. Seriously...

Jack: Aw, hush up, Rudy. She writes this, not you.

Dani: I concur, Jack. I concur.

Cecilia: So, how will this next chapter be set out.

Dani: That... is a secret until I get it typed and uploaded. So ha, nyah, and whatever other triumphant exclamatory word I'm missing as of right now.

Cecilia: Suuuure.

Dani: I bid you good day, and my eyes good night, for they typed 40 KBs today. *dies*




Julian thought.

I'm dying! Eh. Not figuratively speaking, though. My eyes are pretty much dead from typing up my 6th chapter of Wild ARMs: Rehabitated and Rehabilitated all day. And my eyes suck, my fingers ache, but I'm still managing to update here. Huh. Imagine that. (Zeik: Yeah.) Shut up, Zeik? But anyways, yeah. I finally got it up and now I'm gonna go to bed happy. And full because today is Thanksgiving and I was filling my face in between words. XD Yeah. I haven't ever heard of broccoli/cauliflower/multicolored noodles/cheddar soup/velveeta hotdish being served on Thanksgiving. I've also been sick for the last couple days, and I've been waking up with my eyes crusted shut and everything. It sucks. But what really confuses me is how your creativity comes back to you when you're sick and how my writer's block just disappeared into the unknown. I mean... 70 KBs in two days? Holy Ione Paua. And that's not even the half of it. That chapter was a long-ass chapter, too. 83 KBs, I think. But whatever, I'm not here for sympathy... sort of. XD I bid you good day, then. And shoosh because Jack and Rudy are sleeping peacefully in the corner. XD

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