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The Ignominious Circumvent with the Cognitive Faculty that of a Neanderthal has something to say.

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Dec. 25th, 2006 | 11:46 am
location: At the computer desk, of course! -cough-
mood: Determined to finish, man! Determined to finish, man!
music: My Chemical romance - I Never told You What I Do For A livin

So, yeah. Haven't posted in a while because of school and whatnot.*cough* (Jack: Nuh uh, you're just that lazy.) Did I ask you, Van Burace?! Anyways, I'm working on the 7th chapter right about now, and it's moving along quite well, given that I haven't worked on it for forever. But other than that, I've gotten a new monitor! It works awesomely! It's a 15'' flat panel. *droolz* But, yeah, that's it for now. I suppose I'll go now, since I need to type some more, so au revoir. *goes to do what she needs to do, man*

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