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Dec. 27th, 2006 | 07:08 pm
location: Dreamland
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Yes, if you haven't already guessed, I have completed Chapter 7! I'll provide a thingie for it shortly. My day has rocked out loud, because Christmas vacation has yet to be depleted. XD. I can't wait for tomorrow, it's gonna rock my socks and yen. (Jack: Yep, we're gonna miss ya, Dani.) Really? *starry eyes* (Jack: ...no.) Bite. Me. Van Burace. *scoffscoff*

Wild ARMs: Rehabitated and Rehabilitated

by Black Fenril


Disclaimer: Yeah, MediaVision owns Wild ARMs, as well as Sony. What I mean is, Sony owns Wild ARMs, because it owns Playstation- oh, what am I trying to do. Don't sue me, I'm poor.


Chapter 7: She'll Be Coming Around Mount Zenom When She Comes...


The next morning, at the Baskar Village inn, the chief and the innkeeper were looking over the three Guardians, plus the blue Wind Mouse sleeping on the blonde swordsman's stomach. When he showed some signs of waking up, they backed away from the three separate beds.

Hanpan opened his eyes, stretched out his little Wind Mouse arms/paws and scampered right next to Eric's right ear, on the pillow. He yelled as loud as his Wind Mouse could allow, "YO, ERIC!! HOT GIRLS AT TEN 'O CLOCK!!"

Eric shot up from his pillow and rolled over onto the floor. Once he regained his composure, he got to his feet again, looked around in a fury and then turned back to Hanpan and snarled, "Liar."

Hanpan yelling (and the thump that sounded from Eric dropping to the ground) caused our blue-haired gunslinger to wake up, shooting up from her... not-so fluffed up pillow. Her head shot from left to right. Then she turned her gaze to the blonde swordsman with a look of shock and confusion on her face, not exactly aware of Hanpan's 'lie'.

"What?" Eric asked her, not very happy with the little blue Wind Mouse's 'lie' either.

"Nothing..." she trailed off while getting up and going into the bathroom to do all of her business and clean up and all that.

The blonde 27-year-old sat down and put his head in his hands, wondering why he had just yelled at the girl he had just begun to grow accustomed to... Oh, well... It's not like I love her... or do I? Nah. I've got other women to worry about as of right now... Right?"You thinking about something, Eric?" the blue Wind Mouse asked him, worrying about him. Eric raised his head from his hands to look at Hanpan, who scampered to his shoulder.


"Well, technically, I suppose I'm thinking about something, but not anything special in particular," was his riposte, apprehension faint in his voice.

Hanpan nodded his little Wind Mouse head, not believing that. He patted Eric on the shoulder and scampered down to the floor and picked up his minuscule sack tied to a stick. Eric looked down at him in confusion, wondering why he had his own little... knapsack thing.

"What?" Hanpan inquired to the blonde swordsman, slightly annoyed. He scampered back up to Eric's shoulder, and moved his sack-on-a-stick to his other shoulder.

"Nothing. I just thought that you always kept your stuff in my knapsack, Hanpan." Eric still looked confusedly at him. And it was true, Hanpan had always kept his stuff in with Eric's stuff, but enough about that?

"Well, it's about time this mouse gets some individuality," Hanpan said to him, confidence indubitably showing in his posture, holding his Wind Mouse nose high in the air. Or should I say, snout? Yes, I should. Snout. XD

Eric laughed a bit in nervousness, then started to twiddle his thumbs. Hanpan took some humor out of this and laughed some.

That's when the Rudy alternate came out of the bathroom, wearing the trademarked Rudy look, femalicized. If that makes sense. If it doesn't, well... too bad, so sad.

The treasure hunter looked her over, noting that even tho', she was wearing the tackiest boots that any cobbler on Filgaia could ever make. And I'm not just saying that. They were, Guardians forbid, they were beige, and not a very pretty beige. It's kind of like the pukey beige that you find in car interiors on earth that looks like somebody threw up inside it before the car dealer sold it to you. That's how terrible it was. But anyway, Eric still found the female ARMslinger beautiful, despite the ugly boots.

She walked around the room a bit, then sat down on the bed and began to polish her Hand Cannon ARM, for she found it just a little bit annoying to not do anything on this day, waiting for Julian to wake up, do his business, then for Eric to do the latter of what Julian needed to do.

"Are you going to be anti-social, or what?" Eric asked her, also slightly irked for she was being a hermit.

Annoyed even further, she retorted, "What I'm doing is waiting for you and Captain Sleepy over there to wake up. I'm getting impatient!" She continued to polish the ARM more aggressively than usual, pissed off at the world for a couple different reasons.

Taken aback a little at her assertiveness, he thought, Must be that time of the month... He then shrugged it off and walked into the bathroom to do his business.

He came out 30 minutes later with his trademark look, a black shirt with a beige shirt over it, keeping warm with his trademark brown trench coat, rolled up sleeves all the way up to his elbows. He also wore indigo pants (tight for the ladies, of course) and boots that almost came up to his knees. Ah, yes, and the green torn-up ribbon that he always wore in his hair, tied near the bottom.

He walked over to the bed he had slept in last night, then came to see that Julian had awakened. "When'd you wake up, Julian?" he inquired to him, not actually really caring for an answer. What do you call that type of question? Ah, yes, rhetorical!

"Uh, some time after you went into the bathroom to do your business, Eric," was the brunette prince's cheerful riposte. Julian's appearance was a mess, due to the fact that he had just woken up.

Eric shrugged the reply off, then unsheathed his Might Blade broadsword, releasing a shockwave that shook the ground, getting a squeak out of the innkeeper and Cassie. Then the blonde swordsman began to polish it, making the sheen coming off of it even more so shiny. Julian wanted to take it away from Eric and f34r it, but he figured the Rudy alternate would smack him. Again. So he declined from that thought. Anyway, Julian got up from his bed, went to do the three S's, then came back out 24 minutes later with a whole different new ensemble on.

This time, he was wearing blue jeans with red pockets on them. Then, a black shirt with white bold letters on them that said, 'If my music's too loud, you're too old', and the blue jacket that he had worn before. On his feet were black NSS's (again). So maybe his ensemble isn't totally all-new tricked-out pimpin' street-wear, but come on, people! I'm not a fashion designer.

Right as he exited the bathroom, he asked cheerfully, "So, shall we go tackle Mount Zenom?"

Not-so cheerful ripostes sounded, such as, "Yeah, I guess we should." and "Whatever." Julian didn't bother asking why the other two (excluding Hanpan) were so crabby, because he already knew. But since I'm not creative at all right now, I'll just leave a cliffhanger for that thought.

Before they left for said mountain, the chief piped up, chirping, "But remember to go to the Wind Callers' Altar just north of the village!" He smiled after he reminded them of that necessity, hoping to bring maybe some happiness to the three Guardian Warriors.

"Oh, right." was all three of their responses.

They go to the Wind Callers' Altar. It was the same at it had been the night prior to this day, with the same guard, the same steps that brought you up to the top of the altar.

"Well, you can go on up and try to summon the West Wind again. If you'd like, of course," the guard 'greeted' them, moving out of the way... instantaneously.

So, without further ado, here is the heartfelt attempt, as I had promised you in the last chapter. If you don't think it is heartfelt, well, too bad, so sad.

They ascended the stairs. Since Julian was intent on attempting to summon the West Wind first, he stepped in front so he was the trio (quartet if you count Hanpan) leader. He put his hands on hips and poised himself like a victor and said, confidence clearly dominant in his voice, "West Wind! We are the Guardian Warriors and the Innocent One! Come out, Zephyr! We know you're there!"

Nothing happened. This almost got a laugh out of Eric, but he bit back laughter for he didn't want to hurt the Crest Sorceror's feelings. (gasp!) Is Eric going soft? (sniggersnigger)

Feeling a bit irked because of the former futile attempt, Julian got impatient, and screamed out, "Zephyr! The West Wind of Hope! Your great, flapping wings will bring hope back to Filgaia!... Hopefully..."

"Please, Zephyr! We have hope for Filgaia (as dubious as that may sound)! If you come back, maybe everybody in Filgaia will reclaim their hope!" the blue-haired gunslinger cried out, trying her best to inform Zephyr of Filgaia's impending doom.

"West Wind! All three of us have belief in the future! The Guardian of Hope will cause everyone in Filgaia to be strong and maybe even -gasp!- agree with us!" the swordsman extraordinaire yelled out, feeling a bit mystic as of right now.

But nothing happened once again. Since the guard once again didn't see the black-hued draconic figure, he walked up the stairs and gave his 'Hope' speech.

"It seems the West Wind of Hope, Zephyr, is once again not answering your call. Zephyr is the power derived from Hope, an emotion which everybody has seemed to forgotten, as well as two others, Love and Courage. If you truly become the callers of the West Wind, come back and call for the West Wind..."

"Thank you, Mr. Guard..." the Rudy alternate thanked, because she didn't know his name. Truly, we don't either, because the game didn't give us a name. So we'll just stick with 'Guard'. -cough-

Since, of course, Eric didn't want his 'Might Blade' anymore, he suggested they go and purchase some new weaponry. Once they got to the Weaponry guy, they noticed that there was no building built especially for the Weaponry shop, like there had been the previous times. But anyway, they bought a Claymore rapier for Cassie, a Vopal Razor saber for Eric and a Prism Stick wand for Julian. So I'll skip the 'thank you's and get right to the... thing.

"Well, off to Mount Zenom, then?" the oldest of the trio inquired, kind of intent on going, for he was getting rather impatient. As usual.

"I suppose, since that's where the chief told us to go..." Julian trailed off.

"Well, off we go then."


When they got there, they noticed that it was explicitly cold, there. The terrain was mighty familiar to Eric, so he could skate across the ice fairly easy. The other two.... not so much. The snow, was of course, opposite of warm and white. -cough- Most of it, anyway. Zephyr's Messenger quickly stepped aside when he saw the Guardian Warriors, while uttering out, "I believe you will be victorious!" The trio stepped inside the cave and were surprised to see that it was lit. This gave our characters some newfound confidence, so they put smiles on their faces and solved the first cave puzzle with ease. But since I'm impatient as of right now, we'll skip ahead to the new Fast Draw hint for Eric.


So, yeah, 20 minutes later, at the 'New Fast Draw Hint Site'...

Since Eric had just opened one of those beige chests that blow up by himself, the chest blew up right after he took out what was in there; a Heal Berry. He fell to his ass, then put a hand to his forehead and 'pissed offedly' stated, "Ouch! That chest just blew up! And for what!? A damned Heal Berry!" He got up, rubbed his ass, muttered out another 'Ouch' and regained his composure.

A very-close-to-laughing Julian informed him, "Well, um, there are four more chests, mind you..." He ate the protruding Heal Berry after snatching it out of Eric's hand, because when the chest blew up, he had lost HP. After he ate half, he handed the other half to the gunslinger, because that was the gentleman thinger to do.

"Yes, yes!" Eric said, disgruntled. "I know what I should do. I should send Hanpan out to get the other four."

Before Hanpan had a chance to object, Eric threw him out to acquire what was in the other four. Hanpan grabbed what was inside each one, each blowing up milliseconds after he had gotten away. The little, blue Wind Mouse acquired four more Heal Berries.

"Heal Berries..." Eric muttered under his breath. If his voice had been audible, you could clearly detect scorn in it. "Whoever came up with those is gonna get a piece of my mind..."

With that, they decided to depart from that scene. But all didn't go according to their plan. The ground began to shake, causing them to slide down the incline again. There were a few more violent quakes before boulders began to roll down. One came plummeting down right towards Eric. Before it hit him, he jumped out of the way, taking Hanpan along with him. He landed at Cassie's feet, which didn't shock our audience. XD But anyway... Nobody had dropped to their knees, for they were too etched by the wasteland to be afraid of anything. And I mean ANYTHING.

"Oh, jeez, I couldn't move there for a second..." the cerulean-haired female professed, scratching the back of her head.

Hanpan was thinking of something as usual. Usually when this happens, he sheds new light on something that was originally shaded in with darkness. This is nooooo exception, peoplez.

"Hmm... if one of those boulder things would have gotten us, we would have been crushed..." he informed. Not that that wasn't obvious, though. Eheh.

A thought struck Eric. "So that means if I use my sword from higher up, it will always do more damage?"

"Not always, but it wouldn't hurt."


FAST DRAW HINT acquired. -cute sword icon inserted here-

The next battle, Eric mastered the hint. It was used on a Shrieker. Ya know, one of those mushroom thingers that can confuse/paralyze you. We'll save the description of the attack for later, because I'm just that lethargic. -smile- The Fast Draw was named Meteor Dive, by the way, so I don't forget to mention it later. :)

"Congratulations, Eric!" both of the teenagers said, patting him on the shoulder at the same time.

"Finally, a move that will replace Psycho Crack!" Eric exasperatedly stated, still feeling the fire energy coursing through his veins.

"Well, isn't somebody lucky! I couldn't even find a Magic Guild in Baskar Village!" Julian put his head down, staring dejectedly at his new Prism Stick crest sorcery wand.

"Hmm... wonder why..." Eric trailed off.

Since the blue-haired gunslinger had read this in a book of her Grandfather's once, she explained, "Baskarians were cast out from the rest of Filgaia 1,000 years for a reason I don't know why. They believe in 'Returning to nature', as opposed to the 'coexistance with nature' taught by the Curan Abbey. That's why there isn't a Magic Guild in Baskar Village. Get it now?"

All three of the males looked shockedly at the female, wondering how she knew that.



After a couple mad cries of "DAMNED DEVONOVAS!", they had reached the top of the mountain. Oh, yeah, AND Julian had acquired this cool new spell book, the Secret Book, I think it was called. But anyway... There was the statue of the Mountain Guardian, Denogenos, still intact. Julian stepped in front of the trio and leaned down to check the statue out. "Is this it?"

A couple seconds later, Belselk appeared. Except this time he was floating. Had he learned some typeof levitation skill? Heh. Doubt it. "You're too late!"

"BELSELK!" Eric yelled out, fury indubitably clear in his vociferation. He then placed his hand on the hilt of his new saber, ready to execute his new Fast Draw hint anytime now. He then gave Belselk a look that obviously said, 'I don't care what the Hades you do next'.

Belselk clearly saw the ruthlessness the blonde swordsman displayed in his expression, then called upon his Crazy-Ass Laser Beams of Impending Doom of the Denogenos statue. The purple-hued beams crushed the Guardian statue, desecrating it to smithereens. Poor thing. After Belselk had carefully checked over the damage he had inflicted for a few seconds, he yelled, "Well, my work here is done. Have some fun with a 'fiend' of mine! I bid you bad day, humans!" In a flash of light, Belselk disappeared.

"That guy can't come up with very good evil exits..." Cassie snickered out, unaware of the shadow that was forming on the three Guardian Warriors. Both of the men jumped out of the way of it. It almost smushed the blue-haired ARMslinger, and would have, too, if Julian hadn't sprang at her, pushing her and himself out of the way of being crushed.

After they had came around back to Eric again, the battle began. I shall give you the description of the demon right after I do the featured music when you do a non-Quarter knight demon battle.


DA DA!!! Da Da Da Daaaaaaa...

And so, the battle began.

The demon was indeed an arachnid (a spider for those without a medula oblongata), an arachnid mutated up to 1,000 times its original size. It also had a 'dignified' symbol on its back representing something that is beyond my puny intellect. Did I just insult myself? -smileysymbolinsertedhere-

Since right now, Eric's turn was first, I'll make him do his newest Fast Draw! Eric yelled out, "METEOR DIVE!!" He unsheathed his sword while yelling that out, by the way. Fire energy emanated through his body. He jumped up higher than your average human could, and brought down the Vopal Razor onto the arachnid-type thing. It shrieked in pain, trying desperately to disappate the anguish. It lost close to 1,000 hit points, and decided to take its oppurtunity to attack.

The Orga Widow, as Wild ARMs likes to call it, cast its 'Poison' skill on Julian, attempting to burden him with the status error of Poison, apparently. It failed.

Julian decided to cast his favorite spell, Valkyrie. He let loose the Spiritual Psychedelics after yelling out,"VALKYRIE!" Eight multi-colored, effulgent balls of light were produced from out of nowhere, crashing into the Orga Widow on contact. They did about 800 HP damage (because we think Julian did that 255-of-an-item cheat on a Mystic Apple while we weren't looking). "YES!" he exclaimed, because he was feeling rather arrogant at the moment.

Realizing the oppurtunity to attack, the blue-haired gunslinger drew the Hand Cannon ARM out from her belt and aimed as best as she could without her Force move and shot. It just so happened that she had missed, so she cursed under her breath and put it back where she got it.

Seizing his turn, Eric called upon his first Force move, Accelerator. He called out the name, unsheathed his saber, and after a large number of tenchicolor lights shot out from his body, he used the Fast Draw named Psycho Crack. He sprang at the demon, slicing his sword through it painfully slow, causing it to again shriek in agony. Many silver lights shot out from the slicage, causing our Cecilia surrogate to mutter, "Shiny..." Eric ran fast backwards back to his respective place in the line of the trio while sheathing his saber back into the scabbard at his side.

After that, the Orga Widow froze, immobilized by depletion of hit points. It disintegrated into the air, being sent down to the 'true epitome of Hell'. If you were my English teacher, you would laugh at that, remembering that one fanfiction about Boomerang I wrote and let you read. -cough- Anyway, the arachnid-type thing died without much mess, letting the Guardian Warriors receive the alloted experience and gella you get when you defeat it.

With that, Julian ran toward the now-desecrated Mountain Guardian statue, picking up a piece of it. He then threw it over the ledge of the mountain. "Damn it... the resurrection of Mother is becoming a reality..."

"Well, there's two statues left! We better hurry along to Saint Centour, then..." the Rudy alternate trailed off. "But first, we better tell the chief of Baskar that the demons destroyed the first statue..."


Some time later, at the bottom...

The guard that usually guards Mount Zenom tells them, "I have felt that the statue of Denogenos, the Mountain Guardian, has been destroyed. Messengers of Zephyr, please notify the elders about this..." He then moves out of the way so the quartet can do so.

They leave...


At the Photosphere... the cocoon that supposedly holds the Demon Queen is alone...

"It's dark... I can't see... my children... Zeik... let me see you, let me hear you..."

Zed (from the incident at Memory Temple) and Lady Scarlett walk up to the cocoon.

"Who cares about the rest of the Quintuple knights! Now that Mother is awake!!" Zed exclaimed.

"Right, Zed! They are almost to Port Timney... I just hope Emilio's 'experiment' goes according to plan," Lady Scarlett said.

"Yes. If she has the Night Gaunt annihilate the humans, then we will definitely have no problem taking over Filgaia!" Zed continued, wondering about that.

"I wonder what Zeik plan to do after we take over Filgaia. Will he have us live here or will he destroy it?"

"Well, the reason we came to Filgaia was to claim it after Hiades was taken over," Zed explained. "You're a Quintuple knight. You should know that."

"But you do know Mother's intentions, right? She wants to destroy Filgaia just like she destroyed Hiades."

"Well, I guess, but Zeik can override her decision, right?"

"I don't know. But I hope he can, because this is my home planet. I remember a lot of people from here..."

Zed just shrugged. "Well, anyways, back to Port Timney! Fame and glory awaits!"


Back at Baskar...

"One third of the Demon Queen's heart has been released... I can sense it," the chief professed. "There are two more Guardian statues. The only way you can get around to Saint Centour and Port Timney is to use the Sworkassi Pyramids..."

"But I thought they were out of order!" Eric protested, wondering how that process would work.

The chief pulled something out of his chiefly robes. It was a flame, burning brightly inside the glass jar it was concealed in. If you want to ask how brightly... it burned with the desire and intensity of a thousand suns, all right? -scoffscoff- "They are, but the Kizim Fire of Baskar should be able to unlock the inactivity," the chief explained.

KIZIM FIRE acquired -Kizim Fire icon inserted here-

"Use it to light the furnace hidden behind the left waterfall..." was the last thing the chief said before beginning to feed the Shephard to the right of him.


At the Sworkassi Pyramid...

I love this music! It's so melancholy but it's still good! -sigh- I wonder mind downloading the midi for this song...

"Okay, did he say left waterfall or right waterfall?" Eric asked.

"Uh, left," both of the teenagers replied.

Behind the left waterfall is where they found the door leading to another floor, which lead to something that looked like an ancient control panel.

"Is this the furnace?"

"Yes... so many questions, Eric!"

Cassie took out the Kizim Fire. After she took the lid off of the jar, it sprang at the control panel, sending Cassie backwards into Julian. While she apologized, she helped him up. She then sensed an unusual presence.

"A strange energy is filling this entire place..." Julian trailed off.

"To the teleporter!" Cassie said. "That will bring us to Saint Centour."

They use the teleporter. After they stepped onto the teleporter, a white light encased all three of them. The light then shot off into space, at the speed of light (ironic, huh? XD), then bounced off the reflector, then went a different direction, to northern Filgaia, near Saint Centour.


This is the land of the 'Holy' Power, which seals the evil heart!


Jack: ...

Dani: See, I took mercy on you in this chapter.

Jack: Yeah, this chapter. And what's with the pink ink in the journal?

Dani: New penz. Rock on!

Rudy: Dani, what music are you listening to right now?

Dani: Emma's Theme midi. Why?

Rudy: No reason.

Dani: And we're nearing the end of ACT 1! AKA first journal, of course.

Cecilia: Yep! Then it's on to Journal #2! AKA the purple one.

Dani: Yep, which is actually better than the first. In journal form, of course. I just wrote those as guidelines. The current journal I'm in goes into more detail and actually has a guest starring of a celebrity. A very intelligent one. But I'm not gonna give away who it is. That'd be redundant!

Rudy: So go along to the next chapter (when it's written, of course XD)

-END of Author's Notes-




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