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I want my 'welcome back'... Hmph.

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Mar. 4th, 2007 | 04:57 pm
location: The Epitome of... Somewhere... =D
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music: Weird Al Yankovic - Confessions Part III

Oh, uh, celebration, I have finally beaten... yes, you know! Oh, wait, no you don't. Um, nevermind. Heh. I see LiveJournal has changed the last time I've been on, and haha, I sorta like the change. It goes to Rich text right away. Ha, go jump in the lake, HTML! *dances* (Zeik: Um, Daniii...) What?! (Zeik: Nothin', ha, you just wasted 5 seconds of your life, ha!) >_> Thank you. Anyways... Um, I've been gone for so long, I can't stand it, where has my sanity gone! Ha! And yes, um, fanfiction... gah... it's suffering... it cannot move... It hasn't moved. And I've been stuck in Cage Tower forever. But, good news, I've decided to make the Boomerang character female. Ha. That'll piss off some people. But, oh, well, more hyperactivity for me. Ha, they goin' doooown.

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