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Er.. water's good for you, drink it, damn it!

Sep. 19th, 2006 | 11:11 pm
location: the Ruin Festival
mood: yep that's how good i feel yep that's how good i feel
music: The Guess Who - Hand Me Down World

Ahem. Uh, hi. I just got done typing out "WHOA!! THAT THING IS FREAKIN' HUGE!", the Lolithia/some... wait. I just got an idea. A really stupid idea. I'm gonna hook Lolithia up with the Earth Golem... eheh... that's gonna be so awesome, but I'll save that for tomorrow. Oh, I'm soooo evil. Anywho, the Lolithia chapter has bitten the dust, and now, I'm on to the destruction of Adlehyde! Whoopdeedo. Anyways, I've gotta find that eyeliner...

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Yay! Another chapter bites the dust!

Sep. 17th, 2006 | 08:21 pm
location: Adlehyde
mood: Uh, that's because... Uh, that's because...
music: Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

Ahem. Uh, yeah, I'm starting on the Lolithia chapter, typing it now. Professor Emma will switch places with Alhazad. The deranged professor in the story will be named Alan Hazad (because Al Hazad cuz felt like a rip off), and yes, I couldn't find a better name than 'Professor' for Alhazad's alternate character so I just named her 'Emma'. Eheh... I suppose I'll thank Chibi - Chan for that. Thank you Chibi - Chan. Oh, and thanks again for the 'Behold, Lolithia!' pic too. ^_^! And to Saeto15 for not suing me for using her pic and not thanking her for it. Eheh, thank you again, Saeto15! Erm, anyways, I drew again today. I drew some random guy, Zed, my Crest "What Chivalry" (you'd only know about that if you were in my English class), a crappy pic of Lukas Rossi, a crappy pic of Garrett Stampede, a crappy pic of Rudy Roughnight, a crappy pic of Jack Van Burace, a crappy pic of Dilana Smith, and... a crappy pic of Cecilia Lynne Adlehyde. So yeah, off day. Anywho, the last time I checked, there were 96 hits to my story. So yeah, I'm pretty damn happy. (Zed: I am too. Me flashing my trademark arrogant smile. Me likey. Me likey a lot) Ahem, anyways, take care of yourself and each other. This has been Dani Havok's final thought. I bid you adieu (even though, my french sucks, the only thing good about my french is the profanity, but profanity isn't good either, so...)

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Oh, whoops, sorry!

Sep. 16th, 2006 | 08:30 pm
location: The Sealed Library
mood: i never meant to be so cold... i never meant to be so cold...
music: Crossfade - Cold

I forgot to do something when I posted that picture of Rudy going like 'what the Hades?!'. Props to Saeto15 for that. Again, I'm sorry. And all I'll ever use for that was the pic on here, nothing else. I hate plageurism, so yeah. (Smileys are everywhere) It was a cute pic, what else can I say...

I'm doing Cecilia's (well, alternate Cecilia; Julian) scenario in my story now and well, it's still in the works. Ahem. It's the weekend, so that'll be up by well... I probably couldn't tell you.

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(no subject)

Sep. 12th, 2006 | 11:38 pm
location: The Curan Abbey, tomorrow
mood: I hate the effect this songhas I hate the effect this songhas
music: Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

I finally got Eric's scenario done! Woo hoo! Anywho, I'd like to start on Julian's pretty damn soon. I'm thinking tomorrow. My story is Wild ARMs: Rehabitated and Rehabilitated. It's shocking how long those chapters tend to stretch out, but what can you expect? They're supposed to have every little detail and some changed stuff to what I have written down in my journal, and to tell you the truth, I'm on my 3rd journal right now, and I'm only to the Photosphere! *sulks* Oh well. I'm doing it on the computer now. (Jack: My poor Tara...)

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I'm SAD!!! I don't want to say 'Happy Patriot Day' cuz that'd be redundant...

Sep. 11th, 2006 | 08:15 pm
location: Still in the Temple of Memory
mood: men men men men manly men men men men men men manly men men
music: Two and A Half Men Theme Song

(Sadly) That's Gourry Gabriev... (sigh) I'm sad. But what I should do is update more on that Wild ARMs fic on www.fanfiction.net. (Jack: You should do that. Maybe it'll get your mind off September 11th...) Heh... I don't think it'll work, tho'. One track minds, like a Holmcross. 'Once it's set on something, the only way to stop it is to kill it.' And I don't want to be killed... (Jack: Aw... just come off it, Dani. Tomorrow's a new day, and then it won't be September 11th anymore.) Wow... just when I thought you couldn't get anymore arrogant, you start being nice to me. What changed? (Jack: Well, it kinda hurts seeing someone so dear hurt... I know that from experience, and to tell you the truth, it isn't so nice...) I'm dear to you? (Jack: Well, yes. I've known you for a month now...) (Smiles) Well... I'm gonna go update some more. And I'll even get your scenario up on the thing. How about that? (Jack: Sounds good, Dani.) PEACE OUT. Take care of yourself and each other. This has been Dani Havok's final thought. I bid you good night.

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Sep. 10th, 2006 | 08:51 pm
location: The Temple of Memory...
mood: I'm lethargic. help me. I'm lethargic. help me.
music: Mitch Hedburg - Sesame Seeds

I just put this up cuz I felt like it. Anyways, I FINALLY have the first chapter of Wild ARMs: R & R up, but I can't find it. -_-. Eheh... I won't complain as long as people don't flame me. XO, man. (Jack: How are so sure people won't flame you?) Just trust me, Jack. I know how things go on around here... sort of... (Zed: Yeah. SORT OF.) Anyways, I'm working on the second chapter right now, which includes Eric Van Burace, Tara Yurik, Hanpan and Zed. Yes, Zed. He gets introduced early but actually you don't know who he actually is until... well... you'll find out. ^_^. (Jack: Wow, you sure like yourself a blonde swordsman type.) (Dani blushes) Well, depends who the blonde swordsman is. If he were you, I'd run for my freakin' everlovin' life. (Jack: 'EY!) (Zeik: (Sweatdrops)) Anyways, tomorrow is September 11th, so I'll be moping around all day. (Rudy: Yeah, uh, Patriot Day. That's really sad, what happened to the Twin Towers.) (Jack: Yeah. I think we'll be moping along with you tomorrow, Dani.) Thanks, guys. I knew I could count on you. *Hugz!* (Zeik: Too... much... love...) No, Zeiky, it's just not the right kind of love. (Rudy: Eheh... you can hush, Dani...) Right... onto a NEW CHAPTER! BOOYAKA!!!

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Eh, it's not TOTALLY bad...

Sep. 8th, 2006 | 08:19 pm
location: Surf Village
music: KISS - Beth

Hmm... well, nothing to really do with Elmina, Garrett, Chief Coldbird, Ryan, the other 3... but I did do another Rudy x Cecilia today. Halfway through it. I wonder if I can hand these fanfictions in for extra credit at school. (Jack: Aw, shut up. Nobody wants to hear about "school" on the weekends.) Well, excuse me, Mr. Van Burace, but didn't you, um, ditch class on someday in 2nd grade and found a little blue Wind Mouse sprite almost dead in an alleyway? (Jack: Yup. Ol' Hanpan here's built Chevrolet tough.) You're from Filgaia! How do you know how about Chevrolet? (Jack: You told me, Dani, remember?) Oh, yeah. (Zeik: You know, you could get on with this.) Oh, right. Well, my account on www.fanfiction.net will start letting me post fanfics on it in about 20-30 minutes. I can't wait for it. Wild ARMs: R & R, some of it, will probably be up by tomorrow. I can't wait for it! (Jack: Didn't you already say that?) Aw, who asked you, Van Burace? My version of Wild ARMs is clearly tangential from the game version. Some parts of it are the same from the game, but, well, most parts are not. All the Guardians, sword techniques and Crest Sorcery will be the same. But I still have to come up with a cool term for my favorite spell "Valkyrie". (Zeik: Hm... how's about Psychedelic Condemnation?) Hm... I guess that's OKAY but I need something that's funny. And the Multicolored Disco Balls of Doom are out of the question, all right? (Zeik: Fine... be that way...) Aw, you know I didn't mean it like that, Zeik. And don't you dare puncture me with that Glumzamber spear! (Jack: (backs aways from Zeik verry slowly.) Nice Zeik... good Zeik... don't kill me...) You know, if you've ever done that Valkyrie spell, you hear a moan. An orgasmic moan. Ever notice that? (Jack: No. I always thought that was Cecilia.) (Dani frowns) Funny very funny. See, this is what happens when school gets in the way of my fanfiction work! How about I just call the spell Valkyrie? (Rudy: Too rash. You need a creative name. I'll get Cecilia...) By the way, what the Hades is a valkyrie anyways? (Jack: A holy harpie. I hate harpies. They're disease ridden thieves.) Well, according to my dictionary, in Norse mythology, she's one of the maidens of Odin who chose those to be slain in battle and conveyed the dead to Valhalla. That's depressing. Pronounced 'val'kier'i' I suppose. I always pronounced it 'Val'kie'rie'. (Jack: That is because you are stupid!) Aw, shut up, Van Burace. I'll come up with a name, don't you worry! (Zeik: That Psychedelice Condemnation sounds pretty friendly right now, doesn't it?) Aw, shut it, Zeik. (Cecilia: I know a good name! Spiritual Psychedelics!) Sounds good, Cecilia! Thank you! All righty then, let's do this thing...

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Ice cream! Booyaka!

Sep. 7th, 2006 | 08:04 pm
location: In the game? Rudy's scenario.
mood: hot guy is dating me. ME. hot guy is dating me. ME.
music: "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick

I hate school. GAH!! But during study hall (which I was tardy for) I worked on an MST, a Guiding Light MST. A Guiding Light fanfic that I had written myself. Doesn't really make sense but whatever. ^_^. Anyways, I got bored again last night (and Guarddang it, that happens a lot) so I started playing Wild ARMs. I summoned the Earth Golem with the Ocarina in the beach north of Surf Village, and then I entered it and I got this weird idea. I walked over to Surf and started stomping all over it with the Earth Golem. Then an idea hit me. I should write a fanfic about this. So, I did. I called it "The Revenge of Rudy Roughnight". Since, of course, he deserved to wreak some havoc on that arrogant little village! They kicked him out when he had protected them with his horrible, no good, very bad ARM. That really pissed me off because who could exile a face like Rudy's? (Zeik: Apparently Surf Village.) Oh, hush you. In my story, he even threw a chicken at Mayor Pifer's head. Ha... anyways... I have a recommendation for a Wild ARMs 1 fanfic on www.fanfiction.com. "The Light Wand and the Ice Blade" by silveran. It is really good. And not to mention a nice Cecilia x Jack pairing, too. And their seventeen year old kids named Cecil and Jill. (Jill is like Jack and Jill jumped over the hill, do you understand?) And this Cecil is a teensy weensy bit better mannered than the Cecil from "Wild ARMs: Off On A Tangent" by Chibi - Chan, which I will say again is a grrrrrrreat fanfic. Coolest one I ever read. "Fading Light" made me cry. Still does, too. And everytime I hear that damned "Cold" by Crossfade song, I think of Cecilia dying! Rawr! But it's all good. Crossfade is an awesome band and "Cold" is an awesome song. ^_^. Drew a pic of Jack Van Burace. I will ph34r it until I can't anymore. (Laughs nervously) (Jack: Is it just me or is it getting hotter in here?) Jack, shut up. Please. Another great, and I mean great Jack x Cecilia fanfic is "Obedience and Benevolence". Forgot what page of 15 it was on, but whatever. (Smiles warmly) Oh, and a great Rudy x Cecilia fic is "Emotions at Peace", which I prolly already mentioned, but whatever. But I gotta say this. Waaaaaaay too many Jet x Virginias. Way too many. But I guess. I made a Jet x Rudy once. >_<. Haahaahahahaha. Anyways, peace out for tonight. This has been Dani Havok. Pleasure to be doing business with you. Sayonara, suckers! (Is it just me, or did they OVERPLAY that Katie Couric thing? I think they did, but that's just me)



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woooweee!!! What is this, the mystery spot?

Sep. 6th, 2006 | 08:40 pm
location: Still in the Photosphere, kicking Lolithia's ass!
mood: these moods are very rare... these moods are very rare...
music: Velvet Revolver - Superhuman

(smiles widely) I have survived my second day of 10th Grade. Whoowee! I just HAD to qoute Captain Bartholomew on that one. Hee... (Jack: I'd like to forget that traumatizing experience, please, Dani, for the princess' sake) Oh, hush, you. I'm feeling good today! Rockin' out to some Velvet Revolver, ya know, since, well, Scott Weiland rocks and whatnot. Oh, and I have yet to open the document to the Wild ARMs: R & R yet today, so I'll have to do that. (Sweatdrops). I only got through some of the Lolithia battle yesterday, and I plan to finish it and make Mother PAY for her antics! (Zeik: Yah, Mother, she's talking to YOU!) Who let YOU in here? Nevermind. Anyways... (Zed: I plan to overtake this Tara Yurik, manipulate her mind and make her become MINE! MINE!!! HAHAHAHAHA! For a pink haired girl (and Chief Coldbird's daughter, nonetheless) she is pretty) (Jack: You HAD to say that, didn't you?) Oh hush, both of you! *ahem!* Anyways, Julian and Jake are up for a little surprise, and when Cassie and Jake decide to go back to Grandfather Zepet's lab, let's just say his 'desire' overtakes him and makes him do something that he will regret doing later. Because he will find out he's, well, GAY, to put it bluntly. Not that I don't mind. I like myself a good yaoi fic once in a while. (grins maliciously, Zed and Jack and even Zeik back away from her slowly) Aw, what are you so worried about? Jack, I couldn't put you in a yaoi with any guy. You're just too cute for that! Just like Zed WAS but he proved to me his innocence was lost to Zeik a looooooong time ago. (Zeik sweatdrops, Zed goes and leans on Dani) It's all right, Zed... (she strokes his green hair) Well, this is turning into a moment, so let's just go bye bye a go go (to quote a rocket from a six year old pokemon game). Jack, go buy yourself something and get drunk. This'll be very interesting... (she hands him a sack full of gella coins) Bye bye a go go then.

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doombringerZed's update

Sep. 5th, 2006 | 09:20 pm
location: the Photosphere, kicking Mother's ass!
mood: please.don't.ask. please.don't.ask.
music: Motherfried Battle (don't ask, please)

I don't know. THEY JUST LOOK SO CUTE TOGETHER!! And with Raftina between them too. Aw... anyways... today and yesterday, I wrote in some things for Wild ARMs: R & R. I've gotten to the Lolithia fight and Zed and Lady Scarlett are on board the Sweet Candy (well until the other Quintuple Knights ambush it, but don't attack it, of course. Oh and by the way...

This is a pic of Zed I found on www.knightsquarters.net. I loved the pic, so I saved it to my Pictures folder. Oh, and by the way, props to Sam for posting it! Thanks, Sam! (Jack: Isn't that copyright infringement, tho'?) Well, I gave Sam props and the credit for it, so I shouldn't have to- (Zed: That IS a cute picture of me...) (Dani sweatdrops, nervously, she laughs) eheheheheh... well... yeah bye bye.

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