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Dani In A Nutshell

Hanpan: Obstreperously, too. (Shut it, mousy...)

23 September
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As you can probably already tell, my favorite game is Wild ARMs, and my personal favorite character is Zed (come on, everybody loves ZED!!). I can identify with Rudy too (outcast). My second favorite is Jack cuz I love me a blonde swordsman type *_*!!!! Well, my music obsession started when I was about 9 years old (6 years ago pfft((2006 this year!!!)) ), and I got into AFI, Guns N' Roses, a lotta rock (Slash inspired me to learn how to play guitar) and I kinda like a little electronica too (electronici addicti anyone?). Ha. And tennis... well... it just intrigues me, and a girl has to take an interest in SOME SPORT, doesn't she?? I originally loved kickball but I grew out of it (pretty much the only thing to play outside in 6th Grade ya know, besides basketball and stuff). Enough about that, back to my Wild ARMs stuff. I like to say "Oh, my Guardians" and "Aw, Hades!" (derived from Duras Drum's rune, the Hades rune). It's just a better way to express yourself, and I wasn't creative at all this summer so hahaha I just wanted to make something out of it. (Or as Alhazad would say "khhk khhk khhk"!!!) I am currently writing a fanfic on it (heh maybe more than one ^^,,) called Wild ARMs: Rehabitated and Rehabilitated. Even though, it's not really rehabitated, it just rhymed, all right? Anyways, back to the good stuff. (somewhere, Jack Van Burace is saying "what good stuff??") Anyways, I'm almost 16 years old (I'm Rudy's age right now) *sulks* which means I'll be able to drive!! BOOYAKA!!! Which brings me to my next affair, cars. My favorite kind of car, even though it is only a half car (pfft Chevelle front end) is a 1969 Chevrolet El Camino, followed soon after by a 1975 Chevrolet Corvette stingray. My dad got me into cars (and wants to get me a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix when I get my license) because, Hades, he just wanted to, dagnabbit. He's also a trucker/owner/operator/contractor (DON'T YOU DARE STEREOTYPE ME!!!!!), with a 1987 Peterbilt 359. It's burgundy so nyah. I also know my way around a Cummins Big Cam IV pretty damned well, if I do say so myself. Well, sorry about the subject changer AGAIN (Jack groans) WHO REALLY ASKED YOU ANYWAY, VAN BURACE? *ahem!* but onto my music obsession. My recent "to-listen-to" list is the Talking Heads, the Meat Puppets and Mark Lanegan. My favorite song (Jack: As of today...) is "Life Goes On" by Poison. I almost felt like ripping C.C. Deville out of the lyric manuel and making me and Jack hold him at sword and ARM point. Just so he would give me the tabs to the guitar solo (damned thing made me cry) of "Life Goes On". Second has to go to "Prelude 12/21" by AFI, and third goes to "I Constantly Thank God For Esteban" by Panic! At the Disco (who is part electronica). Fourth goes to "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads (well, actually Dilana from Rock Star: Supernova). That song really describes my mood well when I'm very truly sincerely pissed off. Jack, not so much. He'd rather 'harbor revenge', is that right, Jack? (Bite me, Dani). Well, I gotta go. TA!!!